The team

At roXiva Innovations we are a team of individuals creating enabling technologies for our personal and professional clients.., allowing them to create greater wellbeing and harmony for themselves and for their business customers.

Our team have been in the brainwave entrainment and electronics field for many years and this experience makes roXiva both evolutionary and revolutionary in it’s design and application. 

Through our underlying passion for creativity, innovation and research, we develop technically sound products and solutions, all backed with our extensive support. And, as developments emerge in our field, we gain deeper understanding of how our technology can be applied to create meaningful impact, all of which we share, allowing us to evolve together.

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Jimi Simpson

Managing Director

A designer at heart who is deeply passionate about creativity and technology for human wellbeing and evolution. Jimi has considerable business experience in the technology sector.

roXiva Innovations LTD underpins his continued ambition for “technology for wellbeing”, and he sees the RX1 as a flagship platform which will underpin many new and exciting future developments, as they explore and develop greater understanding of how to apply technology in just the right way.

“I feel extremely proud to bring together the team that is roXiva and through our collective passion to make a positive difference these are exciting times.”

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Lance Carter

Research, Support & Media

Addicted to learning from an early age and devouring knowledge faster than a squirrel in a nut factory.., Lance has extensive knowledge of brainwave entrainment, Hypnosis, NLP and more.

Being a prolific writer and creator of mind enhancing sound and light experiences.., Lance combines neurological research, therapeutic practices, and constant experimentation and feedback from users.., to provide education, support and ongoing development.

“Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as creating something that has the potential to change someones life, even if that’s just for half an hour as they disappear into a dream of light and sound.”

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Business Advisor

A highly experienced business owner with considerable experience in the health and wellness industry.

Sales Partner Network

We have engaged some highly talented professional partners that are helping us mobilise roXiva technology on a worldwide basis.

Each partner brings with them a unique set of skills and knowledge, many of them having considerable experience selling and supporting technology in the sector.

Our community

Within the roXiva community we have a wealth of knowledge, experience and people passionate about sharing ideas
and advice on brainwave entrainment and a vast variety of other complementary practices.
All lamp owners can become part of that community.