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Haha, that got your attention.

And that’s what this research is about. It seems that what we consider to be a laser like focus is close to impossible and for good reasons.

The brain works in waves of attention that change about 4 times a second.

This change is from attention to action and the immediate environment in front of you.., to a wider view of attention to the surroundings.

Of course from the standpoint of evolution this made sense to keep us safe from sneaky tigers and food stealing squirrels.

And this is in fact why we are able to change our minds and change our actions.

These 250 millisecond pulsing waves are a new choice point of focus. IE:You get 4 chances a second to do something different.

Reality is indeed illusionary.., our brains are constantly seeking new perspective rather than accepting what is presented to us.

Focus and attention, rather than being static.., are fluid, constantly changing samples of information.

This wasn’t covered in the research but here’s how I would put this:

Focus is in fact a regular switch from foveal (in front of) to peripheral (to the sides) attention.

Those of you into Hypnosis will recognise something here that I did.

That peripheral vision and attention is typical of a trance state.

So it would seem that we are alternating between a type of trance state and alert state 4 times a second even when seemingly awake and focused.

Or put another way.., switching from conscious to unconscious mind processes constantly in waves of attention.

Clever brain eh, Lol.

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