What do people use the roXiva RX1 for?

Below are some of the practices and area’s that roXiva users realise great benefit…

[Disclaimer: roXiva’s RX1 is for users in good general health, interested in potentially improving their general wellness. It is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition]

Float away to bliss with roXiva


We’ve all heard about the countless benefits of meditation.., how consistent practice can allow us to create an internal space for freedom of thought away from the daily pressures of our busy lives.

This is one area where the results of roXiva technology can be so reliable. Tune your brain into states that usually only long term meditators achieve. Combine this with other practices and maximise the benefits. The roXiva RX1 can take you to deep relaxed states in minutes.

Stress and anxiety relief

Want to relax and let go of stress? You now have a tool that can do in minutes, what would take decades of practice to achieve.

Stress and anxiety are two of the most prevalent challenges in our fast paced world. Having a way to lay back, relax and unwind to your favourite music combined with proven relaxation frequencies is a blessing.

Reduce stress and anxiety with light and sound >>>

Let go of stress with roXiva
Hypnotherapy with brainwave entrainment


Quickly and reliably help your clients into a trance state where successful therapeutic work takes place. Some hypnotherapists use brainwave entrainment just for that in their practice.

EEG recordings of trance show specific frequencies present, that roXiva can mimic for consistent results time and time again. Create a point of difference in your practice and get repeat business and referrals.

Trance at the push of a button >>>

Personal and professional development

Achieve your personal and professional goals faster by being in the right mindset to learn, sleep soundly, be creative, motivate yourself, be calm under pressure, generate flow states and more.

Maximise your use of time. Create learning states for combining with your favourite practices like hypnosis, affirmations, breathwork, visualisation and idea creation.

Become a creative genius >>>

Personal development with roXiva
roXiva, your spiritual partner

Spiritual development

Developing a connection to something more than just aquisition and physical reality isn’t so unusual anymore. Beyond mindfulness and meditation is a world of things to explore.

From Lucid dreaming and Astral travel to inner journeys of insight and revelation.., roXiva can help you with this journey. Science can only take us so far.., and then there is the magic. Many a user of brainwave entrainment technologies experience things that are incredibly significant to them and their view on life.

Becoming more conscious >>>

Psychedelic and immersive journeys

You won’t believe how much fun these sessions are to use. RoXiva entertainment sessions will blow your mind, in a nice way.., or help you completely let go into a blissful world of drug free colourful moving kaleidoscopic patterns synchronised to music.

Some are subtle allowing you to drift off into dreams. Some are stronger psychedelic experiences like the infamous ‘Crystal LSD’, and ‘Spaceship dream’. And some are the most intense psychedelic light experiences ever made, like ‘RoXiva K’. Users report seeing or experiencing things that very few people get to experience.

Drug free psychedelic trips and journeys >>>

Psychedelic journeys with roXiva
Pain relief and roXiva brainwave entrainment

Pain relief

One of the surprising benefits some people get from visual brainwave entrainment is relief from pain. I have many reports from users of getting significant relief from migraine, PMS and chronic long term pain. Sometimes in as little as a few sessions.

With medical supervision people have significantly reduced or completely stopped pain that traditional drugs have not helped with.

Pain relief with light and sound >>>

Business development

Use roXiva in house as part of a corporate stress and productivity strategy or use it as a point of difference to set you apart from the competition.

As part of a business health care plan or as part of your offering to clients such as before, during or after hypnotherapy, physical therapies, Reiki and healing, massage, breathwork, health spa’s, retreat centres or group events with multiple synchronised devices.

Repeat business and referrals with roXiva
Sleep enhancement sessions with roXiva

Sleep improvement

Not only is improved sleep often a side effect of using roXiva with relaxing sessions.., but we even have purpose designed sessions to reset your circadian rhythm (body clock) or wake you up, re-establish a normal waking brain rhythm, and promote the deepest levels of brain activity where recovery, rebuilding, toxin removal and memory consolidation take place.

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