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One of the fascinating and enjoyable aspects of photic stimulation using stroboscopic light machines like the roXiva RX1 is the depth of colour, patterns and kaleidoscopic and psychedelic effects possible with just pure white flickering light.

This research paper suggests that the colours and patterns we see in our minds eye that are referred to as Phosphenes (perceived light and pattern without visual image stimulation), are the result of bio-luminescence reaching a threshold in our brain with enough stimulation.

Weak neuronal signals like this are common and mostly a result of free radicals.., the natural oxidation and metabolism in cells.

Increasing this temporarily gives rise to an increase in this visual phenomena.

Drugs, alcohol, stress and some mental disorders can also add to this oxidation effect.

In a sense, the normal stressors of life when added to or enhanced produce these photons of light in the brain.

This is all normal. It is actually how we see. Our sight actually relies on stress to the cells in the eye which then repair and regenerate very quickly (under normal circumstances).

Neuronal electrical activity is converted naturally into these bio-photons (ultra weak visible photons) of light which then interact with other natural random firing neurons in a manipulatable but predictable way.

We even have photoreceptor cells deep in the brain that respond to these bio-photons where light never reaches.

In summary, these visual hallucinations similar to a psychedelic effect, are the result of both the induced and spontaneous naturally occurring increase of bio-photon emissions in the entire visual system from the retina to the visual cortex.

I cover this subject in a lot more detail in the article called ‘Drug free psychedelic trips…’ in the main article area.

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