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roXiva’s RX1…

The roXiva RX1 audio visual brainwave entrainment device

The roXiva RX1 is packed with technology and features to keep it current, and combined with our commitment to provide routine software updates will see us collectively stay ahead in our fields.

Design Simplicity

The RX1 has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Its user interface is based around a rich colour liquid crystal display of 480 x 128 pixels and 3 push buttons enabling full control of the lamp including navigation of the menu system, playing and stopping of sessions, adjustment of light brightness and audio volume, and much much more.

Fully Integrated

The design is fully integrated requiring just the connection of an external power source to bring it to life.

The power source can be either a power supply unit (provided) or an external battery pack of your choice. The power supply unit provided will operate in all geographies due to its flexible input specification of 100-264V AC 50-60Hz. A single mains lead is provided to support differing geographic requirements; UK, EU, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia and others.


16GB Internal Storage

The RX1 has a minimum 16GB of internal memory for storage of session and audio files.

High Quality LEDs

The front of the RX1 contains high quality LEDs that can be programmed to create a vast array of flickering patterns for brainwave entrainment and visual entertainment sessions.

Aesthetic Design

The housing uses a rich selection of materials including machined aluminum, injection molded plastics and styled fascias to provide a design with strong durable form and aesthetic, and comes with a custom made protective case.

Lamp dimensions: 190mm Diameter/ 45mm Depth

External Ports

External ports provide connection for Ethernet, Audio, USB and power.

Note: future software updates will enable real-time piloting of the lamp. 


An integrated stereo audio codec provides RX1 with audio capabilities accessible through a 3.5mm stereo audio jack that will connect to a set of high quality headphones or an external speaker/amplifier arrangement. 

Tripod Mount

The rear of the RX1 offers a tripod connection point based upon the industry standard 1/4″ 20UNC mount type, enabling you to select from a range of off-the-shelf tripod solutions to meet with your specific needs.

We can equally discuss specific solutions with you and offer advice based upon our own experiences.

Session Editor

The creation of your own bespoke sessions is enabled with a multi-step based session editor that allows the flickering white light of the RX1 to be controlled and harmonised to your specific requirements.

The editor provides the ability to create a session, step-by-step, with settings that include step length, waveform, frequency, on-off duty cycle, intensity and others.


Comprehensive 2 Year Warranty

The RX1 lamp comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers against defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the date of the original purchase.

Note: This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by accident or abuse, and is not transferable.