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DEEP RELAXATION: ‘The lake’, is a bright sunny day whenever you need it.

Lying next to the water with gentle waves lapping at the shore and birds singing their morning song.

The session starts with the sun coming out from behind a cloud and hitting your face. Then you descend into a deep Theta state.

This session takes you to the level of Theta most conducive to reprogramming your mind and entering deep hypnosis states. In that state you will be more highly suggestible and able to recode memories.

Theta works in combination with the added Gamma frequencies to regulate memory, flow states and significant emotional and spiritual experiences.

Matching audio tones are embedded in the soundtrack to further enhance the effects.

This is a very calming enjoyable session.


The lake - Deep Theta relaxation

Beautiful. I felt warm and held by nature as I drifted off in my thoughts to distant memories. And I came back fully refreshed physically and mentally. I literally felt like I was lying next to water with the birds singing just to me.

C. Estelle