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Here’s another interesting and almost alarming example of how too much light at night can have a negative effect on health.

[NOTE: Although this study correctly identifies that a better solution to permanent lighting in rooms where people are sleeping is to use Red light instead of white.., there is also evidence that even Red light over time will change a persons internal body clock (circadian rhythm)]

This study done with permanently lit rooms (like in hospitals), showed that white light actually has the potential to increase a cardiac (heart) patient’s chance of death from cardiac arrest, increases brain cell death, and increases inflammation in the body and brain overall.

Just one small dimly lit white light was enough to cause this increase in risk.

This is of course based on having light on ALL night and not of concern for us doing roXiva sessions.

It does highlight though the importance of having as much darkness as possible in your bedroom.

Next they plan to test if using blue blocking glasses is as good as red light.

Nothing will compare to total darkness while you sleep though. 🙂

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