User Testimonials

 Here are a selection of video testimonials from our clients.

NOTE: Some of these videos show flickering white light which could affect individuals with Photo-sensitivity.

Darren is an experienced meditator and has experienced other light machines. He likes strong programs and did one of the most psychedelic roxiva light sessions called Return of the Squirrel. He found significant pain relief.

Josh is experienced with other lamps. He likes it strong and that is what he got. He also has the ability to go into other realms. He did Tibetan Monk first and then much later, tried Return of the Squirrel. Tibetan Monk took him to a deep place in between thoughts and Return of the Squirrel was like running through a film clip.

Colin struggles with meditation and has difficulty getting out of his head. He was run through 3 weeks of Meditate L1, L2, L3 doing each level 3 times a week ie Mon, Wed, Fri. Here is his experience so far.

After 10 weeks of owning his RX1 lamp, Peter has seen a profound impact on his life, offering value to his family and friends and he sees it as a great tool in his business.

Metab had her first Roxiva session on Khufu – Egyptian Pharoah and this was significant for her as she had a huge personal and spiritual experience in Egypt in 2020. She compares her experiences to other lamps and also her Ayahuasca experiences. Her words “mind blowing”.

Whilst Roxiva claims no medical benefit, Maraiyna explains how her pain was gone within minutes of expereincing her first session with the RX1.

Here, Ian relates his experience to DMT, with fractals, bright lights, and being bathed in love, with awe and appreciation.

“it was so incredibly sumptuous”… “such esquisite geometry”…!!!

“A very enlightening experience for exploring the realms of the mind”

“Woo hoo, yeah man…..!”

Sammy explains her intense experience.

Roxiva light therapy review with Raffaele Gianfrancesco. Flickering Light Therapy for PTSD, Anxiety and more…