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Welcome to our testimonials page, where the radiant stories of satisfied customers illuminate the transformative power of roXiva. As pioneers in the field, we have dedicated ourselves to harnessing the remarkable potential of light to enhance well-being and revitalize lives. Here, you will find heartfelt accounts from individuals who have experienced the profound effects of roXiva, sharing their personal journeys of rejuvenation, healing, and renewed vitality. 

Joseph’s Testimonial

“A very enlightening experience for exploring the realms of the mind”

Aria’s Testimonial

“It was so incredibly sumptuous, such esquisite geometry!”

Sammy’s Testimonial

Sammy explains her intense experience.

Ian’s Testimonial

Here, Ian relates his experience to DMT, with fractals, bright lights, and being bathed in love, with awe and appreciation.

Maraiyna’s Testimonial

Whilst Roxiva claims no medical benefit, Maraiyna explains how her pain was gone within minutes of expereincing her first session with the RX1.

Chrissy’s Testimonial

“I feel very alive, I feel like the whole back of my head has exploded and I feel a lot more connected. A lot more myself.”

Looking for more testimonials? Here is a link to our YouTube playlist full of testimonials!