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Pauls experience after a week of daily use


Paul M – Lifecoach

“Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I was lucky enough to be loaned a light for a week. Just so you know, I want it back soon, no pressure….  I’m sleeping like a baby, really focused and motivated. I feel REALLY good. This is an epic machine and the sessions are genius. I can see this becoming my own personal coach.” 

Pauls protocol:

The first day I just played around with all sorts of sessions having fun. To be honest I think I overdid it, but it was a trip.

Then I decided to take the advice given to me and focus on one goal for the week.

I decided to go for a relaxing but creative thought stimulating session called ‘Sudden insight’. After my morning exercise and breakfast I did this session every morning just before getting into my work day (at home due to the lockdown). I chose my own music for this session. What a way to start the day! From day one I felt different. Clarity of focus and creativity were effortless. And this became a routine I really looked forward to each morning. 

I must admit it was sitting in the corner of my lounge calling me over, haha. I resisted though until the end of my work day where this was then play time.

That’s when I tried the other cool sessions. Some of them are nuts! Pun intended. Too many to mention but I have to mention another one, ‘Breathe with me’; OMG! A guided session that left me buzzing; literally. I understand a more intense session is going to be made.

This is the best week I’ve had by a mile. More fun than should be possible with something so easy to use. What amazed me the most, is that even though I was productive and busy all week; my sleep improved too! I wasn’t expecting that.

Thank you again for such a cool experience and introduction to an exceptional sound and light machine brainwave thingy (my words for it).