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It seems that there is a common observable effect in the patterns of brainwaves in people with Autism.

Alpha waves have been measured before in studies using people both with and without the classification of Autism (ASD) and clear differences have been found. Now it seems that other wave frequencies like Gamma have also been found to be different.

In this study the differences were measured in the visual cortex of teenagers with and without autism.

Alpha and Gamma waves were found to be less connected within the brain and less synchronised with themselves and each other.

This could potentially lead to ways of increasing the accuracy of testing for ASD.

And considering about 90% of ASD sufferers report increased sensory sensitivity (including visually).., the observation of this difference in the visual cortex is potentially significant.

Could externally stimulating the brainwaves of people with ASD help synchronise and connect areas of the brain and lead to improved perception and functioning?

The suspicion is there and further testing is planned.

Of course we as RX1 users sit on the side of not making any such medical claims but it is clear from the research I have seen here and in other area’s (and some personal accounts from people who have used BWE to try to help those they care about) that there is at least unofficially some positive effects worth exploring.

It never ceases to amaze me how often I see evidence of the positive potential effects of brain synchronisation and the interplay between Gamma and lower frequencies.

May the research continue.

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