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CREATIVE INSPIRATION: Profound relaxation mixed with intuition, inspiration and idea creation.

Based on research around ah-ha moments and insight.., welcome to this deeply relaxing yet inspiring session from roXiva for the RX1 called ‘Sudden insight’.

Not only does this session follow the EEG driven research around brain activity during insight and eureka moments of inspiration and solution finding.., but the effect is a powerful trip into building a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Sometimes seen as divine inspiration or intervention, sudden bursts of insight often come when you least expect it.

This session is designed to accelerate that process and give you a break from the outside world while you drift off into the depths of your own mind and perhaps even the universal mind of all that is.

The structure of the program creates a unique experience that can only be described as incredibly relaxing yet mind expanding.

Full description with session.

Make the most of your mind with roXiva

“Eureka, I just had an inspired idea. I’m going to do this every morning while I build my own business. See, it works. Haha. But seriously, I do feel really good and mentally clear after using this session”