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METAPHORIC and PSYCHEDELIC JOURNEY: Become part of a short story told in light and sound.

You wake up slightly disorientated in a dark room feeling and hearing only your own heartbeat. As you begin to gain more awareness of your surroundings you can hear the deep hum of powerful engines. Now you realise you are on a spaceship but how you got there you don’t know although you have a distant memory of stepping into a light portal of some kind in a different time and place.

Straining to see in the darkness you can see the outline of three solid metal doors.., each going in a different direction.

Getting to your feet and taking a deep breath.., you decide to explore what is behind each door…

Full description with session. 

“Ok, that blew my mind. Loved the different rooms and themes. What a unique and creative light and sound session. Genius. I didn’t expect that at all. A lot of thought has gone into this light session. Then I went under ‘Breathe with me’ and came out charged to the max and ready to slay some dragons” Simone