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The slowest of brainwave activity of less than 1Hz (1 pulse per second or slower) seems from recent studies to be able to influence brain cells near by without any connection present at all. And this occurs whether this disconnect is caused by damage or design.

In other words, the slow waves associated with deep sleep and memory consolidation (even though they could be only every 10 seconds as an example in the case of 0.1Hz) have the ability to make their way across the whole brain by jumping from one part of the brain to another and act as a trigger or cue to start higher frequency brainwaves.

In these studies this slow wave can initiate a frequency of 0.1ms which is 10,000Hz (very high).

So it seems that these weak and slow signals may play a more important role than was thought.

This shocked scientists so much that they insisted the experiments be repeated before being published.

Very cool.

Slow is not always less eh.

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