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Yes that’s right, they are a thing.

It’s called Frisson.

Like a type of synaesthesia where one sense becomes represented by another.

For example sounds seen as colours in the mind.

It’s common knowledge that music can effect us emotionally. In fact just hearing a specific tune can even bring back memories of long ago when you were doing or feeling something specific and that piece of music was a unique experience at the time making the two linked neurologically. Like remembering a past boyfriend or girlfriend when you here a tune because it was one of their favourites. Synaesthesia is well know also although usually not so common.

This Frisson effect is more common though.

This is where a piece of music causes sensations like the skin to tingle and send vibrations up and down the spine.

And there is a predictable personality trait most often associated with this effect. And that is both an emotional and a cognitive ability/tendency called ‘openness to experience’.

People with this trait tend to have active imaginations, curiosity, an appreciation of nature and beauty, and feel emotion deeply too.

It’s not just listening to music.., it has an intellectual component of immersing yourself in the music

The same is true for roXiva use. The more you immerse yourself and let yourself be taken by and into the light, the more you will experience profound states of consciousness.

And with clients (if you use roXiva that way), the more you pre-frame the session with relaxing into it and how much they are safe by reassuring them that they are in total control.., the more they too will get out of it.

Self evident really but nice to be reminded.

And nice to know why some people get this shiver of joy more than others.

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