Below is a small selection of the many sessions roXiva has to offer.

 Our sessions range from intense psyche-dyeu journeys, to creativity and deep immersive meditative states. With brand new next generation sessions like ‘Underworld’, ‘Solar Tsunami’ and ‘Halo-Gamma’ the following is a selection of just a few of the many sessions available to roXiva owners and their clients, with new sessions constantly being made. The beginning of transformation and brain optimisation is just a light session away.

Sudden insight by roXiva
Integration by roXiva
Stellar Gateway - Gamma by roXiva
Eye of the pyramid by roXiva
Return to happiness by roXiva
Midday powernap by roXiva
No more anxiety by roXiva
Crystal LSD by roXiva
Brain bath by roXiva
Yin Yang by roXiva
Underworld by roXiva
Halo by roXiva
Mycelium by roXiva
Nikola Tesla by roXiva
Super Schumann by roXiva
Attention booster by roXiva
I love you, I'm sorry by roXiva
The lap - WRC world rally by roXiva
Khufu - Egyptian pharaoh by roXiva
Calm before the storm by roXiva