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Roz Light

Roz Light, an Encinitas, California-based educator, artist, mother, author, speaker, coach, and global expert in non-linear neurofeedback brings 25 years of yoga, meditation and breathing practice to her trauma-aware work in personal transformation through nervous system health and consciousness expansion⭐️.  

Roz coaches individuals, business owners, families, groups, and institutions around the globe who wish to understand and implement proven cutting-edge, neuroscience-driven strategies that cultivate resilience, resonance, coherence, stability, flexibility, and flow in their lived experience through lifestyle changes that support optimum nervous system health. Trusting the body’s innate ability to self-organize and self-optimize, Roz provides clients a thoughtfully curated selection of systems-based approaches to support their optimum health and wellness goals. 

As a roXiva®️ sales partner, Roz is available to support you and your family or business with all aspects of your user experience. She offers you a concierge experience with as you move from initial curiosity and exploration to decisions regarding sessions, rentals or a purchase to ordering and unboxing and implementation of a strategic business or personal plans. She is your long-term personal guide on your roXiva®️ journey, and it is her honor and joy to serve you on your path of personal transformation as you discover your own unique potential to push the horizon of your consciousness further and further as you realize your true nature and the limitlessness of your human potential.

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