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From Science to Mysticism.

Consulting with ‘professionals’ experienced in AVE can help design sessions that align with set goals and requirements.



Neuro Meditation Institute

This case study was designed to examine brainwave changes resulting from a 30-minute stroboscopic light session with the Roxiva RX1.

Neuro Meditation Institute using roXiva for research


Research and Development

Understanding the benefits of audio visual entrainment for brain optimisation in various sectors

Sports performance with roXiva


Enhanced Focus and Concentration

Sessions, especially when synchronised with rhythmic patterns and beats, can help athletes achieve a state of heightened focus and concentration.

Creativity with roXiva


Stimulating Brainwave Patterns

AVE has the potential to influence brainwave patterns, promoting states conducive to creativity.

Spirituality with roXiva


Cognitive Support for Spiritual Exploration

AVE can stimulate cognitive functions and creativity, fostering a conducive environment for spiritual exploration and introspection.

Bio-hacking with roXiva


Enhanced Learning in Wellness Practices

AVE can assist in the learning and integration of wellness practices, such as breathwork, yoga, and mindfulness.

Longevity with roXiva


Longevity Mindset and Stress Resilience

AVE can be personalised to address specific wellness goals. Whether it’s managing stress, enhancing spiritual experiences, or supporting longevity.

Float with roXiva


Customised Sessions for Holistic Wellness

AVE allows for customisation based on client needs. Professionals can tailor sessions to align with individual preferences.

Meditate with roXiva


Meditation and Mindfulness Enhancement

AVE can facilitate meditation and mindfulness practices by synchronising visual and auditory stimuli with breathwork or mantra chanting.

Use roXiva with massage therapy


Mind-Body Connection in Massage Therapy

AVE can enhance the mind-body connection in massage therapy sessions. Synchronised visuals and soothing sounds can create a serene ambiance.

Access altered states with roXiva


Improved Mental Imagery and Visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful tool for athletes to enhance their performance. AVE can facilitate vivid mental imagery by synchronising visual stimuli with auditory cues.

AudysseyAVE using roXiva in practice


Far from an alternative to the use of psychedelics, it stands as a safer, more controlled protocol. 

So why choose the Roxiva RX1 over a cheaper alternative? 

Let’s explore its advantages.

Firstly, our device redefines the paradigm of psychedelics. Instead of being an alternative, it establishes itself as a ‘safe’ protocol for therapists and practitioners. It provides a controlled platform to guide clients through transformative experiences, steering clear of the legal and health risks associated with substances like DMT or LSD.

“Technologies allow us to create novel altered states of consciousness. These do not attempt to replicate psychedelic effects but instead provide an entirely new set of (complementary) experiences to add to the overall toolkit”. Professor Carl Hayden Smith

In the realm of stress, a ubiquitous challenge affecting 72% globally and 66% of parents, our device takes a scientific approach. Backed by research, it offers proven stress reduction benefits, including cortisol level management and support for conditions such as acute stress, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and A typical burnout.

“Findings support the idea that a dysregulation of brainwaves may account for symptoms and affective disorders, and that they can be partially relieved by audio-visual entrainment”.

For creativity and productivity, our device is unparalleled. In collaboration with other modalities, it not only supports stress reduction but empowers therapists and practitioners to enhance their clients ability to be more task positive. The RX1 professional device has demonstrated improvements, attested by practitioners, academics and creatives.

“Alpha/theta is a “twilight” state between awareness and sleep. It is associated with deep relaxation and creative insights (Budzynski, 1976)”.

Spirituality takes centre stage, aligning with traditional practices. The RX1 exhibits activity in Delta and Gamma waves, mirroring EEG-monitored meditation, providing therapists with a powerful tool to facilitate clients’ spiritual journeys safely and ethically.

As Alzheimer’s and dementia continue to rise, flicker light stimulation emerges as a beacon of hope. Research suggests that flicker light at 40-60Hz can aid in the early stages, poised to lead the market in supporting cognitive health.,in%20functional%20and%20cognitive%20decline.

Individual experiences matter. Our device tailors flicker light (stroboscopic) and audio ensuring sessions support the practitioner and user with over 120 sessions available. This feature not only fosters support it also makes an invaluable tool for therapists seeking to provide tailored experiences for their clients.

In academic and therapeutic settings research is unfolding, with the potential to support mental well-being and altered states of consciousness (Sussex University), making it an indispensable tool for therapists and practitioners seeking innovative evidence-based approaches.

Music integration is built into the RX1. Offering immersive experiences with electronic music. Our sound design ensures accurate frequencies, modes and scales that can trigger emotional responses in users, further expanding its applications in therapeutic settings. The recent purchases by the Monroe Institute and addition to their practice shows clearly we are moving in the right direction.


Expanding Consciousness

Positive Technology

Imagine for a moment the gentle dance of rhythmic light, like a beacon guiding your thoughts away from the tumult of the day. Stroboscopic light, a core element of AVE, entrains your brainwaves, aligning them with the desired mental state.

Expand your consciousness with roXiva