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MIDDAY MEDITATION: Relax and get away from it all before then being stimulated back to a solution focused mind, rejuvenated and ready to get back to it.

Perfect for Busy People.


roXiva has a number of relaxing programs; and they work brilliantly especially if you want to chill out afterwards. Busy people don’t have that luxury always though. They want to relax but still want to get things done afterwards.

This is designed to give that release and boost without it needing to be the end of the day.

Ideal instead of a powernap and to unwind, let go and restart again.

Recharge your day with a roXiva session

“Love this session. It’s my excuse to revitalise during a stressful workday. My partner tries to beat me to it most days. I can always tell, because he comes into the room looking like he just had a good nights sleep.”