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What if you could use stroboscopic light as a type of psychedelic light therapy? And experience profound altered states of consciousness as part of your personal transformation. Drug free psychedelic light trips have the potential to assist people in making positive change.

This is not a substitute for psychedelics or a path to ingesting them. It’s better. This is a safe, controllable and precise auditory and visual journey that has similarities to psychedelics without the risk.

We know the phrase ‘I see the light’, means a type of newfound awareness. And reports from near death experiences and spiritual awakenings often put deeper meaning on that phrase and on the power of light.

When people have a significant experience in an altered state of consciousness, it sometimes results in a total life change. And the world and their view of themselves changes. Something that with the right set and setting can shortcut years of traditional therapy. Research is starting to show that the psychedelic experience of transcendence and expansion may be what results in improved mental wellbeing. And not the chemical effect on the brain of the drug.

roXiva psychedelic light therapy meets the conscious life expo

Can light be used therapeutically – introducing roXiva psychedelic light sessions


Firstly, it’s important to note that the idea of therapy used here is nothing to do with medicine or the treatment of a medical condition. And before using roXiva technology, a comprehensive safety questionnaire may exclude certain people who are under medical care. Therapeutic benefit can be had in many forms though. Especially when you combine idea’s and methods . And so I hope you use this information as inspiration for your own journey. 🙂

The roXiva audio visual brainwave entrainment device is a stroboscopic light machine capable of producing very deep trance states at the push of a button. And in these trance states the potential for personal and professional transformation is greatly enhanced. Some people are attracted to roXiva because of a desire for unique psychedelic experiences. And then they stay because of the idea of brain entrainment and retraining. Said another way., stunning visual displays and the associated feelings attract them to the technology. And then the idea of brainwave entrainment, audio visual entrainment, and self-improvement adds to the reasons they join the growing community. During that exploration, they realise the value of the profound altered states of consciousness in that quest for self-improvement. Which is something that roXiva psychedelic light and sound sessions do exceptionally well. In other words, people do a full circle and realise that the quality of the psychedelic light experience IS part of their personal transformation!


Why do people seek drug free psychedelic experiences


People have sought spiritual inspiration with trance like states throughout history. And tribal cultures have used state altering practices like chanting and drumming for centuries.

The modern prohibition and potential drawbacks of psychedelic drugs excludes many people from experiencing the transformative ability of psychedelic states. And part of the early government led ‘war against drugs’, was fear inducing propaganda around it’s use and the people who used them. Psychedelic drug use for personal benefit went underground and is only just beginning to recover. This prohibition led historically to various forms of practice like holotropic breathwork. A conscious connected breathing technique developed by a therapeutic LSD researcher. The use of stroboscopic light to produce hallucinations made its mark in the 1950’s and 60’s. And the history of stroboscopic light hallucinations is a fascinating one. Simple rotating patterns combined with strobing light fascinated some of our creative historic figures.


Is the fear of a bad psychedelic trip real


Fear of the unknown or of a bad psychedelic trip stops people from experiencing some of the wonder of altered states of consciousness. And they therefore miss out on a powerful way to get to a zero point state where change becomes easier. People like to feel in control. And this desire is one of the reasons that psychedelic experiences without drugs are becoming more popular. A bad trip can be REALLY bad. Resulting in lasting anxiety. And bad trips can then manifest themselves again and again anytime someone feels a loss of control. Because the loss of control becomes a trigger or anchor for the panic attack or fear they felt on the bad trip. And set and setting can play a big role in this risk of a bad trip. However, the mystical psychedelic experience seems to be a greater catalyst for positive change than any other. Even if those mystical psychedelic experiences are challenging or fearful. So psychedelic integration becomes an even more powerful part of the therapy. But there’s also another good reason to have access to psychedelic states without drugs. Because those who do use psychedelic drugs, also realise that life must go on in between drug experiences. And so having a way to enjoy more frequent but less life intrusive psychedelic trips is a valuable asset.


Are psychedelic states dangerous


Psychedelic drugs themselves can be dangerous when used without intelligence and intention. But psychedelic states are not dangerous. There’s nothing unusual about psychedelic hallucinations and trance states. We just see them as being uncommon. But actually, we go in and out of hallucination states daily. Primarily as we fall asleep and wake up. Hypnagogia and the inverse hypnopompia states are examples of this. And some of our most creative geniuses have purposely tried to go into these states more often. It’s no wonder that people will say “I’ll sleep on it” when pondering a problem or decision. This is because we get access to different more expansive modes of thought in these sleep/wake states.


Is light a portal to transformation and wellbeing


Light and wellbeing have been closely linked in all traditions and historical records of humanity. From the reliance on light to support all life, to the worship of sun gods, to the enhanced healing found by Florence Nightingale when she put injured patients in the sun. Space and time are fundamentally linked to light in our understanding of the universe and reality. And science even suggests that our brains communicate internally with light in the form of biophotons. So, it makes sense that light has more secrets to reveal to us. The science of light therapy and stroboscopic light therapy is making a comeback. And one of the ways light can be used to heal and transform is in the form of psychedelic brainwave entrainment (BWE) and audio visual entrainment (AVE). BWE and AVE have been used successfully in varying forms since ancient times. And the invention of EEG brain activity measurement equipment gave rise to studies testing and showing it’s effectiveness in helping with mental health and wellbeing. There is a rise in focus on psychedelic therapy and the use of psychedelics for personal development . And psychedelic light therapy has the potential to add to the benefits people are getting.

When light therapy becomes Psychedelic light therapy


Using psychedelic brainwave entrainment as a type of psychedelic light therapy is nothing new. Although there has been a lack of understanding as to how to use stroboscopic light therapy in this way intentionally. Light therapy has a broad range of applications. From resetting biological rhythms such as your circadian rhythm (body clock), to the specific use of coloured light, and helping with disorders of brain activity and mood regulation. An example being the commonly used SAD lamp. Which is used to counteract the lack of light during winter months that can lead to depression. Stroboscopic or psychedelic light therapy takes light therapy a step further. And it does this by creating altered states of consciousness that mimic deep meditation and psychedelics. In these states, changes in thought, belief and behaviours become easier. RoXiva reproduces the effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD and DMT without the drugs.

roXiva psychedelic light user goes on a trip

‘Let’s get psychedelic’ conscious life expo user with a common expression

The psychedelic patterns of roXiva light

How stroboscopic light creates psychedelic trips


Drug free psychedelic light trips are the result of a two-step effect created by photic stimulation. And the resulting non-ordinary states of consciousness are quite unique. There are two types of hallucination involved in light based psychedelic experiences. And the combination of the two creates a third hypnagogic state also. The first type of hallucination is the result of what are called phosphene effects or flicker induced ganzfeld effects. These are geometric patterns created in the minds eye by external stroboscopic light. Photic light stimulation excites the cells of the eyes in very specific ways. And these phosphene type effects are abstract in how they appear. Typically, they are kaleidoscopic. And they produce moving colours, mandala’s, geometric patterns, and tunnel effects. Very similar to a psychedelic DMT drug experience. The second hallucination effect is the result of memories created by deep trance states. And this type of hallucination is more realistic images of people, places and experiences. As a deep trance meditation state progresses, the mind starts a type of conscious dream. Almost like a lucid dream.


Hallucinations combine producing psychedelic light experiences


The combination of these two hallucination effects creates this psychedelic light trip. Pre-conceptions of the world are temporarily left behind. And the state produced is both euphoric and transformational. Even to the point where people can have a near death experience similar to what DMT gives. Science is not clear how this happens, but it does make some likely guesses. And the experience of combining psychedelic light brainwave frequencies with music can be very therapeutic. Making the prospect of psychedelic light therapy a viable option for those unwilling or unable to take a drug. The experience of many users of roXiva psychedelic light sessions shows a pattern. In the beginning there is a magical world of colours, patterns, and movement that is fully engaging of the senses. And the result is profound dissociation from the outside world. And this causes more relatable imagery to arise from within. Meetings from passed relatives, trips to the ‘other’ side, and meaningful visions or messages often occur. Everyone’s experience is unique and specifically meaningful to them.

“Left me feeling charged with a vast feeling of space – Ian”

How does psychedelic light therapy cause healing


Removal of focus on the ego is one goal of most meditation practices and psychedelics for personal development. Another is the shake up of beliefs, attitudes and thoughts that occurs. And this can lead to a chance to reform those beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. The body and mind are self-balancing and self-regenerating. What this means is that given the right environment, the body and mind will heal and grow. And sometimes it’s a case of getting out of the way and letting the body do what it does best. A lack of sleep is an example of the wrong environment. Without enough quality sleep, it’s unlikely that any healing technique or method will work. Rest days from lifting weights at the gym is an example of the right environment altering over time. First you have stimulation just beyond what you can easily manage. And this causes a form of chaos in the body where the muscles are actually temporarily weakened and damaged. Next you must provide the right nutrition and rest to allow healing to occur. And finally, enough time for these newly healed muscles to adapt and grow to be stronger. Then the process is repeated. The mind is very similar although the mechanisms are slightly different. If training in the gym creates a type of chaos in the body., what about doing the same with the mind? Controlled stress leads to mental resilience and growth.  This is the basis of hormesis. And controlled stress can be as simple as effectively handling the unexpected results of daily living.


What is the growth cycle of the mind


The integration of meditation and psychedelic practices are the rest days. In other words, little growth will occur for someone who constantly meditates as they have nothing to integrate. And little growth will occur in someone who is constantly stressed because no recovery, growth, and neural rewiring occurs in the brain without integration. And integration requires relaxation and openness of thought. The growth cycle of the mind requires this circular cycle of stimulation and regeneration/integration. Psychedelic light therapy creates more opportunities for this cycle of stimulation and integration. And it also creates a highly dissociated, unique and enjoyable state. All things that a learning brain thrives on! Psychedelic light also creates a type of chaos in the mind. And the mind is a complex system. When you add chaos to a complex system and then remove the chaos, the system reforms differently than before. That is assuming you take advantage of the opportunity to change of course. You always have the choice to stay the same. Added to that is better handling of anxiety and stress, and improved sleep. Both common effects of psychedelic light and entrainment. Said another way, entrainment and psychedelic light is a form of brain optimization. For optimal performance, the brain needs exercise just like the body. Because without exercise the body becomes rigid and limited in movement. And the same applies to the brain.


Can psychedelics give us access to our ancestors


People can get experiences of meeting past loved ones or unknown beings when experiencing psychedelic light therapy. Whether they are real or not, is not the point. The experience and what meaning is drawn from it is the point. Ancient cave and rock art shows us that the psychedelic state is likely a fundamental part of human evolution. Because the same psychedelic patterns we see, have been preserved for thousands of years as drawings on rocks and in caves. Accessing this psychedelic state is therefore accessing a deep primal aspect of being human. A pre-ego state untainted by boundaries and limitations. This is where healing and growth occur for an expanding conscious mind. When we experience a psychedelic journey, we have the same experience as our ancestors. It may be the closest we will ever get to having the same experience as early humans.


What is a psychedelic light therapy set


Any sort of therapeutic or coaching session starts before the actual session does. In psychedelic therapy this is referred to as the SET and SETTING of the experience. The set refers to things like the mindset of the practitioner and client. Beliefs, attitudes, experience, and current knowledge all fall into the set of a therapy or coaching session. What is the persons intention for a session? And what is your intention? What this means is that a large part of creating a positive set, is managing expectations. Creating the right set for your mind opens up doorways to experiencing altered realities and perceptions of current reality.


The importance of creating appropriate expectations


This is both part of the ‘set’ and the ‘setting’ for clients. Expectation and placebo effects relating to intention setting can be powerful. And in fact, studies show that the placebo effect can work even if the person knows that it’s a placebo. Wrap your head around that, haha. Setting appropriate expectations takes the pressure off the coach or therapist and encourages self-responsibility for the client. Everyone brings their own often unstated expectations about therapy or coaching to a session. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to discover these and bring them into alignment. Expectations can make or break the success of a session. An honest and yet positive set is always the best practice.

This is not the same as a session intention. Intentions can be either useful or not depending on the goal. However, expectations are always useful to know.

Psychedelic Brainwave entrainment - roXiva

Are therapy and coaching session Intentions useful or not


The subject of intention can be contextual. Sometimes it is better to go into a session with a clear intention. And sometimes it is better to go into a session with no intention at all. Often this depends on how specific the intention is. A nonspecific intention to go with the experience trusting that you will get whatever you need in the moment, is often more useful with psychedelic light therapy. By contrast, an intention to get to the root cause of trauma might be better done with hypnotherapy brainwave entrainment. Some of the most powerful experiences had by users of Roxiva psychedelic light journeys have been totally spontaneous realisations and insights. In my opinion, the only intention needed for psychedelic light journeys, is to have an enjoyable experience.


How to create a psychedelic light therapy setting


It has been argued by psychedelic therapy practitioners that ‘the container is the medicine’. And the setting (and set) for a session is the container. It goes without saying that people in states of trance caused by psychedelic light and sound sessions will be more suggestable. Therefore, an understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy processes is important as a guide of psychedelic light therapy. Those people who find psychedelic light too intrusive or intense can get therapeutic results by entering the twilight state of brainwaves. The twilight state is more commonly known as the theta state. A variation on this twilight state is the hypnagogia state already mentioned. These theta and hypnagogic states can be reached without the need for any psychedelic light effects. And can form part of a protocol for personal enhancement in the growth cycle of the mind.


How creating a setting of trust and safety affects results


Without trust and safety there is no therapeutic value. If trust between practitioner and client is not yet established, then this is the priority.

Part of this is setting appropriate expectations as already discussed. Having a dedicated private space to conduct sessions is vital to give the impression of expertise and positive authority. Relaxation requires being able to let go. And letting go requires feeling safe from judgement or negative consequences. Take the time to answer any questions and in so doing build rapport. And reassure the client that they are in good hands. Read the article on hypnotherapy brainwave entrainment to learn about utilisation and the unique opportunities that photic light stimulation brings.


What psychedelic light therapy integration looks like


People tend to suppress memories from their past if they were traumatic or stressful. So, it’s possible that psychedelic light therapy could cause deep enough relaxation to have such memories and feelings emerge. This can cause an increase in anxiety or depression if not dealt with and integrated. Aside from that though, any revelations or significant observations from the stroboscopic light experience can be used productively. Much like dreams., imagery and hallucinations often have meanings beyond the obvious. And it’s useful to ask questions that assume possible new behaviours and habits. Like., “Knowing what you know now, what would you NOT start doing that you currently do?” And “What can you start doing today that will move you toward being more in tune with your surroundings?” There is a wealth of information everywhere. And sometimes one of the best lessons from psychedelics and light journeys is to notice more of what’s already there! Remember also, that integration takes time. Not every day should be spent trying to expand your mind. Mental and emotional healing will take place even without intention if the right environment is provided.


What can psychedelic light visions teach you


Some people have meetings with significant beings or past relatives. And some people see landscapes of artistic expression and realer than real imagery. Or sometimes the feeling produced during a psychedelic light ‘trip’, brings with it a new resolve to be a better version of yourself. And it’s common for images or messages to be so fast that consciously, they are not clear. In these cases, the ‘download’ of information will often reappear in dreams or sudden thoughts. Like in eureka moments of inspiration. And therefore, it’s important to be open to new thoughts and inspiring idea’s. The effects of this type of stroboscopic light therapy can continue for days after the experience.


Is integration fundamental to all change


Any significant experience had while in a deep altered state of consciousness, can be transformative. Because new information brings new choices. And new information of a personal and spiritual nature brings new personal and spiritual choices. But those new choices can be ignored. And so, without a conscious effort to do the work and integrate life experience, no change happens. And people move on to the next opportunity for change., and the next. This pattern becomes a form of spiritual bypassing where the practice replaces the work. The correct application of integration techniques can make any experience change your life for the better.

Psychedelic light therapy works when you do. Spontaneous changes do happen. But taking responsibility and action is the only reliable path to personal transformation.


[NOTE: the information in this article is for educational purposes only and is intended to provide inspiration for otherwise healthy individuals. No claims are made or implied as to any medical benefit or treatment of any conditions. The word ‘therapy’ is used holistically and in the context of personal growth, coaching, and transformation. Care should be taken to consult with your medical practitioner before attempting any therapeutic use of the ideas in this article.]


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