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Psychedelic brainwave entrainment (BWE) or audio visual entrainment (AVE) is one of very few alternatives to taking a psychedelic drug. One of the main differences being that you can start or stop the experience at the push of a button. Purpose made psychedelic audio visual entrainment sessions give experiences similar to psychedelic drugs such as DMT, Ayahuasca, LSD, Ketamine and psilocybin magic mushrooms. I get to enjoy the wonders of many peoples experiences as a creator of light and sound meditation journeys and drug free psychedelics. And it’s always amazing to hear their own personal stories of entering the matrix of their mind. Stroboscopic light machines and psychedelic lamps have come a long way historically since the simple AVE glasses or dream machine. Used with the right set and setting, the experiences can be transformative. And the results of a psychedelic light experience mirror psychedelic drugs in some interesting ways.

It’s important to note however:

This is not a substitute for psychedelics or a path to ingesting them. It’s better. This is a safe, controllable and precise auditory and visual journey that has similarities to psychedelics without the risk.

Expanding your mind with roxiva psychedelic brainwave entrainment

Roxiva psychedelic light testimonial:

“I’ll be honest., I came into the Roxiva DMT psytrance session convinced that there’s no way technology can get even close to the experience of plant medicine. And I thought I was going to just get a nice kaleidoscopic light display. My first response afterwards? Holy s**t! I am thoroughly impressed. That was literally just like a DMT trip. The pace, music and artistry of this session is unreal.”

Brian G – experienced psychedelic user and Ayahuasca retreat facilitator

What are the benefits of Psychedelic brainwave entrainment


Psychedelic brainwave entrainment leads to profound altered states of consciousness. And these fall into the category of non-ordinary states of consciousness because they are further removed from everyday experiences. Users report parallels to plant medicine experiences. And these include:

  • Transpersonal experiences and feelings of oneness with ‘all that is’.
  • Spontaneous meetings with the divine or higher self.
  • Relief from emotional and physical pain.
  • Creative inspiration and insight.
  • Near-death type experiences.
  • Entering a pre-ego state.
  • Rapid changes in mood and relief from depressive or anxious feelings.
  • Brain exercise and optimisation.

One thing is clear and known. When the body and mind let go and relax., healing occurs. And when you change your mental state, you change your life.


Can brainwave entrainment be used for life change


I get asked this quite frequently. You can use brainwave entrainment and audio visual entrainment to change habits, beliefs, and behaviours. A type of psychedelic or stroboscopic light therapy. These non-ordinary altered states of consciousness have the potential to switch off the default mode network (DMN). This is an area of the brain that makes us feel separate from the outside world. A direct link of this effect has not been adequately tested. However, this removal of separation can be mimicked by certain psychedelic brainwave entrainment sessions. And one agreed effect of psychedelics like DMT is switching off the DMN. The fact remains, that successful change almost always includes responsibility and consistent action. And this applies to using psychedelics for personal development or psychedelic light experiences also. The technology can open the door, but you have to walk through. The mind is a complex self generating system. And as such it responds to exercise in the same way the body does. Taking the mind through different brain states can cause a hormesis effect of adaption to controlled stress. Kind of like shaking a snow globe and the snow flakes then re-settling into a new pattern. It is then your task to do something with that opportunity.

What is DMT


DMT (N, N-Dimethyltryptamine) is currently the most powerful psychedelic known. It is a hallucinogenic compound like LSD and psilocybin and is abundant in nature. Although DMT occurs naturally in the body unlike other hallucinogens. DMT trips are short lasting of up to 45 minutes but typically 10-15 minutes of intense effects. And near-death type experiences of transcending body, space, and time can occur. DMT was once thought to be produced and found only in the pineal gland. But scientists have since found it more widespread in the brain, blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. And it is suggested that it plays a role in REM sleep and dreaming. DMT and psilocybin mushrooms may well have played a part in the development of communication and human consciousness. Ancient cave art gives clues as to this origin of socialisation and evolution.


What is the relationship between DMT and serotonin


DMT is part of the tryptamine family of chemicals. And this is the same family as some of the most common drugs used today. Tryptamines are neurotransmitters found in our brain and are structurally related to the amino acid tryptophan. And this is necessary to produce various chemicals in our brain and body including niacin (Vit B3) and the neurotransmitter serotonin. So, serotonin and DMT are closely linked chemically and in many ways effect also. Serotonin effects mood and sleep patterns. Because of this, tryptophan’s have been used for depression, weight loss, and sleep improvement. Serotonin is in part responsible for appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, mood, behaviour, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, endocrine regulation, and depression. It’s no wonder then, that DMT has been linked to similar processes in the body and mind. And another common use for tryptamines is for migraine treatment like with the drug sumatriptan. Interestingly, some of the side effects of brainwave entrainment and audio visual entrainment mirror this tryptamine list. An example being the reduction or elimination of migraine headaches.


Does the body release Natural DMT


Some brainwave entrainment (BWE) and audio visual entrainment (AVE) users believe that DMT is actually released during a session. This has not been tested. But science is now discovering that DMT is produced in more places than just the pineal gland or ‘third eye’. And the production and release of natural DMT is more common than originally thought. Endogenous (internal origin) DMT is known to be present in cerebrospinal fluid. And BWE and AVE are known to increase cerebral blood flow. This is one possible avenue of increased effect of natural endogenous DMT leading to a psychedelic brainwave entrainment experience. And some of the side effects of entrainment mimic the effects of tryptamines which DMT is a member of.

DMT visual example with roxiva psychedelic brainwave entrainment

Are DMT & near-death experiences caused by reduced brain noise


One of the theories behind a near death experience (NDE) is that brain noise is reduced in the moments close to death. And the result of that, is that naturally occurring DMT is strong enough to have an effect. Perhaps this same thing happens during profound non ordinary states of consciousness created by psychedelic brainwave entrainment. Or perhaps DMT is actually secreted by the effect on brain activity of an external source. Either way, the experience is what it is and DMT is known to model the NDE. And modern psychedelic therapists are concluding that the experience IS the medicine, not the drug itself. By that I mean that the psychedelic drug itself is little more than a permission slip to the experience. And that the set, setting and integration of the experience, is the agent of change. You can read more about spiritual enlightenment, spontaneous awakenings and near death experiences here.


Can brainwave entrainment mimic DMT


DMT brainwave entrainment experiences are just one of the many features of the Roxiva RX1 featured on this website. And experienced psychedelic users often comment at how close the experience is to ingesting or smoking DMT. The DMT sessions are often collaborations between myself and musicians. As the music twists and turns, so do the fractals, tunnels and colours of the light journey. Users are left feeling a shift in both mood and mental clarity. And this effect seems to occur even in those who have never ingested any psychedelic drug. It’s interesting that someone who has never ingested a drug can have a comparable drug type experience with just light and sound! And this raises a question as to whether DMT is a fundamental part of being human.


The brainwaves of DMT


Brainwaves are a measure of neural electrochemical activity in the brain. Psychedelic brainwave EEG tests all seem to show a general decrease in Alpha and Beta brainwave activity. Both of which are associated with wakefulness and alertness. DMT shows itself to produce more of a waking dream. There is a sharp increase in Delta and Theta waves, particularly in the first 5 minutes. Both these levels of brainwave activity are associated with REM sleep and dreaming. Gamma waves are also boosted during these DMT psychedelic experiences. And these are some of the highest recordable in the brain. Gamma waves are also known to be present during out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.


DMT increases signal diversity


The other thing worth noting with EEG recordings of DMT is an increase in signal diversity. Signal diversity is a measure of the complexity and diversity of neural activity in the brain. And previous studies have shown that a low rate of signal diversity is common in people with depression. Thus, one possible conclusion is that this change is one of the reasons for the anti-depressant effect of psychedelics. Psychedelic brainwave entrainment (especially DMT brainwave entrainment) sessions utilize a diversity of differing frequencies. And so, this could be another reason why many get DMT style mood enhancing benefits from it.


Are Ketamine effects and near-death experiences similar


Studies of the similarities of near-death experiences also show a strong correlation to the effects of Ketamine. Ketamine is a N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist. And it causes both hallucinations and a tranquiliser relaxation effect. One of the roles of NMDA receptors, are in memory formation. And NMDA antagonists show some promise in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. NMDA receptor antagonists are also found in cerebrospinal fluid. Research suggests that these receptor antagonists could be released or increased in effect near the point of death. Further evidence perhaps that near death experiences are caused by a change in chemical balance. And potentially further evidence that this effect can be mimicked by non-pharmacological ways. Ketamine along with DMT is one drug getting a lot of focus for therapeutic benefit. Ketamine brainwave entrainment is another interesting result of the use of specific frequencies in the Roxiva RX1.

Entering the matrix with roxiva psychedelic brainwave entrainment

Frequency dependent Psychedelic brainwave entrainment


The knowledge of psychedelic brainwaves leads to the first option for a psychedelic light trip. This option is frequency dependent. And this is where the brain frequencies known to be present during a psychedelic trip or illusions and hallucinations are mimicked. By stimulating the brain to these frequencies and holding it there., entrainment occurs. And this brain activity spreads from the visual cortex throughout the brain. Roxiva sessions also have matching auditory tones embedded in the music to facilitate this further via the auditory cortex also. And therefore, psychedelic entrainment occurs in both audio and visual centres of the brain amplifying the result. One such use of specific frequencies is in creating a hypnagogic light experience. This takes advantage of an effect called hypnagogia which is the transitionary phase between sleep and wakefullness Altered states of consciousness combined with specific frequencies, lay the foundation for spontaneous psychedelic and hallucinogenic experiences to occur.


Non frequency dependent Psychedelic brainwave entrainment


The second way is non-frequency dependent. And this means that there is no direct intention to create a specific brainwave pattern in the brain. The brain is left to do that by itself. Instead, the aim with this type of session is to artificially produce naturally occuring hallucinogenic effects in the visual cortex. This type of drug free psychedelic trip is more in line with a type of DMT brainwave entrainment. The science of drug free psychedelic light trips involves effects in the visual cortex called phosphenes. And phosphenes are geometric light patterns caused by the rapid stimulation and decay of stimulation of cells in the eyes.


Certain bands of frequency cause phosphenes, but entrainment to any specific frequency is not the goal. Instead, the goal is to give a direct visual experience of a psychedelic trip. And with the visual experience comes the kinesthetic feeling experience also.

What is Psychedelic breathwork


One other way of inducing a psychedelic type of experience is with breathwork. Psychedelic breathwork usually involves a form of conscious connected breathing that is circular in motion. And this tends to be at a faster pace than traditional breathing techniques. Although this isn’t a requirement. One of the pioneers of modern Breathwork and psychedelic trips is LSD therapy researcher Stanislav Grof. Stan, who had also experimented with stroboscopic light, created a form of breathwork called Holotropic breathwork in response to LSD becoming illegal. Because he wanted to continue his study of psychedelic effects for therapeutic benefit.


Does Breathwork release DMT


Breathwork can parallel some aspects of a DMT experience like psychedelic entrainment can. And this leads many people to believe that DMT is released during Breathwork. This isn’t proven either. However, there are a few studies that point to it being possible. For example, rats exposed to an induced heart attack have an increase in DMT. Meaning that DMT is released during stress. And it has been shown that DMT is neuroprotective during times of hypoxia (low oxygen). Which is a common short-term result of breathwork. And purposeful inspiration (inhalation), increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain. Which we have established also contains DMT. So, it’s possible that the combination of these factors might create the perfect environment for a DMT type experience. Added to this is the stimulation of Gamma and Theta brainwaves during some breathwork practices. Both of which as discussed are often present during a DMT experience.


Combining Psychedelic brainwave entrainment and breathwork


So why not combine breathwork and brainwave entrainment I hear you say. Haha. Combining DMT style breathing with psychedelic AVE or BWE is powerful. Too powerful for some people. I usually say to people to be proficient at both before combining them together. And anyone with a history of seizure or epilepsy should not try either alone or combined. That said, breathing with purpose while taking a drug free psychedelic light trip can be en-light-ening for sure. And can lead to huge leaps in personal development. One of the big benefits shared from users of the Roxiva RX1 is the mental state it produces. People feel better using Roxiva technology. And as simple as it may sound., when you feel better, you make better choices!


Using psychedelic light and sound sessions intelligently


We are the sum of our habits. And habits can be changed or enhanced using brainwave entrainment, audio visual entrainment, breathwork or any number of modalities. The key then, is the addition of consistency. And most failures are a failure to continue to do what works. Seems obvious, but many people miss it. Psychedelics are a powerful tool. And psychedelic audio-visual brainwave entrainment sessions are powerful tools also. Note that they are tools and not stand-alone solutions. Psychedelic therapy or psychedelic light therapy requires self-involvement to be effective long term. Changing habits involves imagining the future differently than it is. And this takes consistency. When you get the chance, take a trip with a purpose made Roxiva psychedelic lamp (stroboscopic light machine) session. You may just discover your next quantum leap in personal transformation.


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