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As medical science gains knowledge and ability at a rate unthought of half a century ago, our life expectancy extends further and further. At least physically that is true. What about the quality of life though?

Is a life where enjoyment is diminished and reliance on others is increased significantly a life worth living? Interesting questions that become more prominent when you consider that the part of medical science that seems to be behind is that of mental health.

Age related health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s are in the spotlight more and more these days for that very reason.

Recent research shows that by measuring brainwaves in ageing people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s that there is a slowing down of brainwave activity in a predictable way in area’s of the brain that are likely to be affected next by the progression of the disease. Knowing this can lead to the right treatment at the right time. Medical science has proven time and again that early detection is key in a higher success rate of treatment protocols.

The extended research shows specifically, that there is primarily an increase in Delta activity and decrease in Alpha brainwave activity in those parts of the brain that are showing decline as the disease progresses. Delta is of course a much needed brain frequency, but in excess will reduce awareness and memory recall producing a type of withdrawn inattentive result in those effected.

This opens the question as to whether by stimulating the brain with the frequencies (EG: Alpha in this study) that are diminishing, can we halt or even reverse the disease or at least the symptoms that effect the persons quality of life.

My suspicion is it might and there is already research going on with other types of brain stimulation including higher Gamma frequencies shown to potentially clear the brain of certain plaques that accompany Alzheimer’s.

More research is required but it makes sense to me that if something is causally linked to another.., then altering one will alter the other also.

IE: If a specific brain frequency changes as a disease progresses.., then why could we not help the brain ‘practice’ and entrain to that frequency to have a positive effect on the disease itself.

Metaphorically, it is like helping someone become more physically flexible again to increase movement. Perhaps is it possible to get more flexibility back in the brain also and therefore maintain a younger brain.

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