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You are in complete control of your roXiva experience the whole time and your facilitator will not only keep an eye on you and be there should you need them, but they will explain what you can do if it feels too intense. Of course the simplest thing to do is just cover your eyes or move away from the light.

You will be invited to either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes and either practice your favourite breathing technique if you know one, or just let go and enjoy your light journey. You keep your eyes closed the whole time.., roXiva works through the eyelids.

You will put on some headphones and music, either synchronised to the light session or simply appropriate to the session, will play while you are immersed in the experience.

The session light intensity will be set at an average level but at any time during the session you can adjust this or have this adjusted for you.

After the experience you will have time to reflect or ask any clarifying questions.

We strongly recommend that you arrive hydrated and rested to get the most out of your roXiva RX1 experience.

Sometimes people can relax so much that they go into a trance like state and your facilitator will reassure you and give you time to regain full awareness.

The most common response is to feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed and happy. Not a bad side effect really.

Select your session, lay back, and let go

Chilling out with roXiva

Most people have a mind expanding wonderful experience with roXiva. And your trained roXiva partner will explain to you what to expect and ensure you are safe and looked after before, during and after the session.

roXiva safety questionaire


Before the session you will be asked to complete the roXiva safety questionnaire.

Although very few challenges ever occur, we consider your safety to be number one in any session.

For example in some rare cases strobing/flickering light may trigger a seizure in those sensitive to light and very occasionally people are unaware of this sensitivity before a session. So we do our best to ask the right questions beforehand to avoid this and try to cover any known possible reason for someone being more likely statistically to have this reaction. This risk is nothing new and is the reason, as I’m sure you will have noticed in TV news shows in particular, that they warn ahead of time that “flash photography may be used in the following news clip”. We have mostly come to ignore these TV warnings because we are not in the group of people that need to know that.

The questions in our safety questionnaire are included below so that you may decide ahead of time if you feel comfortable with the questions. There is also supplementary information as to why we ask each question if you would like to know that. We feel that sharing this information openly leads to trust and relaxation around the session, and with this step taken care of you will be ready to enjoy the experience, likely left wanting more.

Safety questions you will need to answer:

1)  Have you ever personally suffered from epilepsy or had a seizure?

2) Do you have any family history of epilepsy or seizures?

3) Are you taking any prescribed medication, including those for anxiety or depression?

4) Do you have any psychological or psychiatric conditions?

5) Have you ever had any head or brain injuries, or had brain surgery?

6) Have you ever had a stroke? 

7) Are you taking any photosensitive medication?

8) Are you pregnant?

9) Have you had laser treatment to your face within the last month?

10) Have you taken any recreational or psychoactive drugs in the last 24 hours?

11) Have you consumed any alcohol in the last 24 hours?


The second half of the questionnaire is a set of statements that you need to agree: 

12) I confirm that I have read the questionnaire carefully, understand the questions and have answered truthfully.

13) I confirm that the nature of the roXiva RX1 lamp and the session I am about to experience has been explained to me.

14)  I confirm that I understand the roXiva RX1 lamp is NOT a medical or psychological therapy and is not intended as a treatment or remedy for any condition.

15) I confirm that whilst I have never suffered from epilepsy or seizures I understand that there is a statistical chance of 1 in 3000 that I could be sensitive to flickering light and that this in rare cases could lead to a seizure.

16) I confirm that I have been asked at this time whether I have any unanswered questions about the roXiva RX1 lamp and experience and I do not.

17) I confirm I am satisfied the person supervising my session has the knowledge and training to do so.

18) I confirm I am a competent adult of at least 18 years of age and I sign this Informed Consent Form of my own free will. Please complete the details below in BLOCK CAPITALS.

We will also need the usual formalities, including your full printed name, date of birth, contact number, signature, and an emergency contact name and number.