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Monroe Institute & roXiva, the Premier Partnership

Uniting Monroe’s Sound Science and roXiva’s Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment Technology in a symbiotic partnership to study and enhance techniques for expanding consciousness and human awareness.

“Mankind’s greatest illusion is to think it has limits”

Introducing: Monroe Sound Science & roXiva AVE

Leaders in Consciousness Research

For over 50 years, Monroe Institute has been at the forefront of consciousness research. Their audio-based neural entrainment technology, Monroe Sound Science, helps individuals achieve deeper states of meditation and expanded states of awareness.

Scientifically proven and validated by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide through retreats and online courses, their technology facilitates profound states of consciousness typically attained after years of dedicated meditation practice. Through decades of research, their technologies have not only been embraced by individuals seeking personal growth and awakening but also by healthcare professionals, educators, and researchers alike, promoting well-being and cognitive enhancements across various fields.

Monroe Institute Logo
Bob Monroe, founder of Monroe Institute

A Shared Vision for Human Potential

Our partnership with Monroe Institute is founded on a shared vision to pioneer advanced solutions for human potential. By integrating their expertise in consciousness expansion with our brainwave modulation technology, we look to develop and synthesize world class holistic tools in several areas:


  • Enhanced Learning and Cognitive Development: Accelerating learning processes and improving memory retention.
  • Therapeutic Applications: Developing protocols for mental health treatments, stress reduction, anxiety management, and rehabilitation of cognitive functions in neurological diseases.
  • Consciousness Exploration: Providing tools for researchers and enthusiasts to explore various states of consciousness, potentially unlocking new realms of the human mind.


Begin your journey of self-exploration and uncover the expansive nature of consciousness with Monroe Sound Science and roXiva. Learn to resonate in harmony with your true self, develop conscious coherence, and forge deeper connections.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

Conscious Coherence

Start a journey of mindful practice, enhance self-awareness, take conscious control of your life.

Conscious Coherence

Human Resonance

Take emotional control, find balance and harmony in mind and body, forge deeper relationships and connections.

Human Resonance with roXiva and Monroe Sound Science

Expanded States of Awareness

Dive into expanded states of awareness, explore boundaries of human experience, discover new perspectives.

Expanded States with roXiva and Monroe Sound Science

Regulate and Reset

Regulate emotional stability, promote rest and recovery, balance stress responses for greater well-being.

Regulate and Reset with roXiva and Monroe Sound Science

Vanguards of Science & Technology Pioneering Consciousness

Our collaboration aims to revolutionize cognitive enhancement technologies, making advanced tools accessible and applicable in everyday life to enhance individual well-being and capabilities worldwide.

This is a significant milestone, merging technologies from vanguards in science and technology.


“We are thrilled to be working with roXiva Innovations. Their cutting-edge technology complements our own efforts in expanding consciousness and presents an exciting pathway to enhance the human condition in ways we have always envisioned.”

CEO, Monroe Institute



“Joining forces with The Monroe Institute represents a significant leap forward in our mission. Together, we will push the boundaries of what’s possible in brain science and neurotechnology.”

CEO & Founder, roXiva Innovations

Press Release

Partnership Announcement 22/05/2024.