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Can you have a legal Ketamine experience without drugs?


What if you could have a drug free legal Ketamine journey without drugs? The roXiva K light experience uses frequencies found in studies to give similar results to the drug Ketamine.

This is NOT a replacement for psychedelics. Psychedelics have potential risks that a light and sound journey do not. This is better! Because you have control over the length and intensity of the experience and can replicate that level every time!

Roxiva K is one of many inspired drug free psychedelic light trips. And it will leave you with feelings of Euphoria, creativity, brain plasticity, very deep relaxation, and a ‘high’. Users report a sense of wellbeing and an opportunity to be at a new choice point afterwards.

This journey will blow your mind and body out of this world. Don’t worry, you’ll come back.., feeling very different. Here is an opportunity to have a legal Ketamine trip without the risk of taking a drug.


How to have a legal Ketamine session


This session is a collaboration between myself and friend and music composer Gavin. The feeling builds as the session progresses into before unseen effects. The feeling after as you go about your day is quite something.

A note about the session Roxiva K. Ketamine has been called by some psychedelic therapists as chemical mindfulness. And mindfulness by definition is.., present moment awareness without judgement. Approach this session with that mindset and see where it takes you.

All you need to do is put on your headphones, press play and relax. The synchronised light and sound will do the rest while you remain in control the whole time. Unlike an ingested drug, with roXiva you can have a drug free ketamine session at the push of a button. You can stop the experience any time you like.

The music has audio tones and effects matched to the light embedded in it to enhance the effect.

Roxiva K Ketamine psychedelic session

“Woooow!!! That is intense! Roxiva K is the best drug or non drug experience I’ve ever had. You are a genius! Thank you so much for all the amazing sessions you have created. I felt high on life afterwards and it was a really pleasant feeling”.

roXiva owner


My response: Yeah you need time to integrate this one. Maybe go for a walk in nature. That will help you ground yourself. And this state is ideal for practicing being mindful.