Drug free legal DMT


Are you ready for a legal DMT trip at the push of a button? Drug free DMT trips are just one of the many drug free psychedelic light trips available to roXiva owners.

This is a very intense Psychedelic light experience that mimics a DMT trip without drugs. And this is definately not for beginners.

DMT – Talamasca trip, is a collaboration between French psytrance artist Talamasca and roXiva. The result is a true drug free legal DMT experience that will leave you breathless with how close to actual DMT it is.

This is a fast-paced session designed to immerse you in DMT type visuals and leave you feeling like you’ve been on a real trip.

Thank you to Talamasca for the collaboration and allowing me to choose some of my favourite tracks to mix.

Talamasca, is a French project whom has been touring the world for more than 25 years. And is a pioneer of what is called nowadays “psychedelic trance”. Having tried roXiva himself, this was the next logical step. Together, we offer you an enjoyable and intense psychedelic session! Turn up the volume and enjoy.


How to have a legal DMT trip


In the right frame of mind, you will be fine with this session. But be warned that it is not intended to be used by people who have anxiety around the unknown or who have had a bad trip experience with ingested psychedelics. There are milder sessions for those type of people.

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a short acting but intense psychedelic that often opens up new realms of experience to people. It is produced naturally in the body in smaller amounts but when ingested in larger amounts produces strong visual effects and hallucinations. And sometimes even near death experiences or out of body experiences and strong lucid dreams. DMT is the hallucinagenic portion of the drug experience Ayahuasca. Both are illegal in most countries and used without caution can cause severe anxiety and fear responses. So having a safe legal DMT alternative is an attractive option for people.

Unlike an ingested drug, roXiva DMT sessions can be started and stopped at the push of a button. And you get to choose the intensity level. Simply put on your headphones, lie back, and hit play. You can stop the experience at any time.

Drug free legal DMT - roXiva

“Wow., you have to try this. ‘DMT – Talamasca trip’ is a masterpiece of synchronisation between light and music. A fully emersive psychedelic DMT trip without the drug. I’m blown away that light can do this.”

roXiva owner


“Holy S*** that was intense, haha. How is that possible?”

Senada – Brisbane Australia