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A brief intro to me: Lance.

What got me to here:

My journey into the world of the mind really began in 1994. I had always been interested in different things to most people even before that, but one day that year changed the direction of my life.

Back then there was a common pattern in New Zealand television of midday info-mercials. Hour long, part education, part sales commercials that educated while selling a product.

Sitting at home feeling sorry for myself one day I saw an info-mercial on a guided hypnosis audio program called ‘Passion, Profit and Power’ by Marshal Silver.

Sceptical, but believing in the charismatic hypnotist promoting the product, I purchased it and set about using it every day as recommended. It worked well enough to convince me that I wanted to be able to do what he did.

And I’ve never looked back. In the years that followed I trained extensively (and expensively!) with leaders in the field of clinical Hypnosis, Time line therapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), DHE (Design Human Engineering), NHR (Neuro Hypnotic Re-patterning) NAC (Neuro Associative Conditioning) and others. It seemed at the time that three letter names were all the rage for personal and professional development models. 🙂

My local book store (and later Amazon online) made a fortune out of me as I picked about 4-5 titles each week in book or audio form that they bought in especially for me. My poor mother still to this day has dozens of containers of books, audio and video stored for me back in NZ.

In 2015 I entered the world of brainwave entrainment and quickly gained a reputation for many life changing and industry changing light machine sessions., eventually becoming a director and part owner of Pandorastar Ltd. My role had me creating the programs (light sessions), writing research articles, and supporting the community. One of the many programs that really got peoples attention early on in 2016 was ‘Acid-Squirrel’, a fun and energetic trip into the land of colour and movement. That reputation, quality of sessions, research, support and Squirrels., have grown significantly since then. As has the technology in the Roxiva RX1. What used to be a strong psychedelic or transformational brain wave entrainment session then, has been left behind by new sessions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

What does it all mean?

It wasn’t just therapy and self development that I was fascinated by. All aspects of success were on the menu. I became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer to learn about physical peak performance. A Reiki practitioner as a way to enter the world of energy. And studied sales and marketing both academically and via workshops with industry leaders in a bid to understand ‘the difference that makes the difference’.

With all the subjects and people I have learnt from and about however, one thing has stood out as being crucial for any type of success whether that be physical or mental. And that is…


It really is that simple.

Life is a game of neuro-chemistry.

When you do things that serve progress as an individual, a group, or as a species, your neuro-chemistry rewards you with ‘hits’ of hormones like Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin. These neuro-chemicals change your state in ways that are addictive, because they feel good.

They feel good because the actions and thoughts that produce them naturally, are good for you as an individual, group or humanity.

Note I said naturally!

Love is an example of this.

From the standpoint of evolution and biology, love feels good because it leads to bonding. Bonding leads to living in groups and of course procreation. Both of these traits are needed for humanities survival.

When you really get it, that fundamentally life is a game of neuro-chemistry, the rules of the game become more interesting.

The measure of a successful life becomes a question of… ‘How you FEEL about yourself.., when you’re BY yourself’.

The biggest obstacle to progress..? Disempowering habits of thought and action that lead to bad decisions!

Change your state of mind, and you change your thoughts, actions and decisions.

And let’s not over complicate this…

When you feel good, you’re more likely to make good decisions. When you feel bad, you’re more likely to make bad decisions.

Therein lies the key to continued progress and the success and fulfilment that it brings.

Why Roxiva?

Roxiva innovations was born out of a desire to bring leading personal and professional development technology to people who want a better life. The first product, the RX1 audio visual brainwave entrainment device, already pushes the boundaries of what that technology can do. And it hasn’t met it’s full potential yet.

The RX1 has the unique ability to radically and quickly alter peoples state of mind and body. The positive results of the trance states and experiences are evident in the amazing feedback we and our sales partners hear about every day.

One person at a time we see and hear happy and excited people changing their life for the better. One habit at a time they adopt new patterns of thought and action. This really is a tool for transformation.

And that, is reason enough to keep progressing this technology way beyond anything that has come before it.

Many thousands of people to come (and a few squirrels) will have Roxiva at their side to gain clarity on what a life well lived can be.