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What should you know?

I am an entrepreneur who loves creativity.

As a child my parents used to watch me spend hours drawing up the ideas that I had, and through school I was naturally drawn to technology from which it was written that I would pursue a path into higher education.

In 1995 I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a 1st class honours degree in electronic systems and control engineering, and this projected me into my first employed role as a software engineer. Over the course of the next 20 years, I progressed in assorted roles of electronics and software design, and latterly product marketing in wireless semiconductors, and through all of this, if one thing was clear, it was the tone of creativity.

I love being creative and I sense this will never stop…!

In my early start-up life, I took a path into wireless design services, through which I came across an interesting start-up opportunity in medication management. Unfortunately, and as with many start-ups, both of those journeys yielded little fruit, but the experiences were valuable and cemented a desire to continue to steer my own ship.

In late 2014, I had, as a home do-it-yourself project, started developing my first stroboscopic light which was inspired by the Lucia No3 and that was based on a frying “pan” that I called “dora”. The whole point of this lamp was to help me control the “borderline sleep state” for the practice of out-of-body exploration, and well it did just that with some powerful experiences.

Of course, little did I know that this lamp within a few design iterations, would become the PandoraStar, which made its first public appearance at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London and within 5 years secured a strong market position. Unfortunately, that journey wasn’t all plain sailing and in June 2020 I exited the business as MD.

So, in stepped Roxiva Innovations LTD, my fourth start-up and my sole passion, and one with a clear proposition.


Roxiva was born out of a desire to bring leading personal and professional development technologies to people who want a better life. The first product, the RX1 audio visual brainwave entrainment lamp, already pushes the boundaries of what the technology can do, and it hasn’t met its full potential yet.

The RX1 has the unique ability to alter peoples state of mind and body radically, and quickly. The positive results of the trance like states and experiences it can offer are evident in the amazing feedback we and our sales partners hear about every day.

One person at a time we see and hear happy and excited people changing their life for the better. One habit at a time they adopt new patterns of thought and action. This really is a tool for transformation. And this is reason enough to keep progressing this technology way beyond anything that has come before it.

I am clear that Roxiva will continue to influence the sector for many years to come from which many people will be able to gain clarity on what a life well lived can be with a Roxiva lamp (or other) at their side. Flickering white light has a huge potential to create meaningful impact to many and at Roxiva we are doing just this…