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And why is that relevant to roXiva RX1 use…

The attached article is unrelated to brainwave entrainment (BWE) but the implications are valid.

It shows the results of a blood pressure medication that has shown surprisingly to actually increase Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF).

IE: Users of this medication when compared to a placebo group show an increase of blood flow to the memory centres of the brain.

Of interest is that although there is still more research to be done to see if increasing blood flow to the brain can reverse the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s, there is already evidence that it can, and in a sub group of this study did, slow down the mental decline in those with mild Alzheimer’s.

This suggests that with further study, increasing CBF may become a part of the protocol of prevention rather than cure.


Why is this relevant?

BWE, and in particular frequencies within the Theta and Alpha bands does in fact increase CBF.

For more information on this and the peak frequency for CBF please read the description for the BRAIN-FOOD session.

Always good to see both direct and indirect evidence that using audio visual entrainment may have effects beyond the expected ones.


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