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Using light and sound brainwave entrainment to increase blood flow in the brain, opens the door to more benefits than just the blood flow alone. And medical science making big advances in keeping us alive longer, leads to a question. What is the quality of that life?

Why increase blood flow in the brain

Physical health without mental health leads to a fine line between life for it’s own sake, and life because it’s worth living. Just look at the examples of people who are living in pain or with no autonomy who actually WANT to pass away. The subject of longevity and mental health has never been bigger.

Age related brain challenges like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are getting a lot more attention now. And any restriction in blood flow to the body or brain can and does cause serious consequences.

By contrast.., an increase in blood flow will bring more nutrients and oxygen to cells that need it. And also remove more toxins and waste from them. Brainwave entrainment can also be used to help keep your brain clean.

Increase blood flow in the brain with light and sound brainwave entrainment - roXiva

How to use audio visual brainwave entrainment to increase blood flow in the brain

Audio visual entrainment or brainwave entrainment is the use of sound and or light as an external stimulus. And this is used to effect the brain by way of the Frequency Following Response (FFR). IE: The brain is capable of noticing patterns in the outside world. And can also synchronise to them, and then follow them over time.

This can be used on purpose to change a persons brain state, often very quickly and profoundly.

Research shows that stroboscopic light stimulation (or combined with sound) at certain brainwave frequencies can increase blood flow in the brain. And in sceintific literature this is referred to as cerebral blood flow.

The study shows an increase in Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF) at a range of frequencies from 1Hz to 61Hz. 1Hz or cycle per second means one flash/pulse per second.

And the peak effect of increased blood flow in the brain in this study was at 7.8Hz.

Not coincidently, I think very close to the Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz.

What’s so special about the 7.83Hz schumann resonance?

I’d be curious as to why the experimenters chose to use 7.8 Hz as one of the frequencies to measure. Because it’s an obscure frequency to use considering the others they chose were whole numbers.

That is unless these scientists subscribe to the common knowledge about the schumann resonance being the frequency of the Earth. And perhaps they would agree that 7.8Hz (or more specifically 7.83Hz) has an effect on us. Scientifically 7.83Hz is just a geomagnetic or radio frequency. And is a product of the physical nature of our earths relationship with the atmosphere. But it is the radio frequency or ‘pulse’ of our planet.

So does it help to tune in to that frequency?

Studies on blood pressure and blood flow in the brain (CBF) suggest it does.

There are of course many claims made about the Schumann resonance which has it’s peak at 7.83Hz. And during the changes in our atmophere this number has harmonics at multiplications of that number.

Most claims are optimistic but it does seem that people feel better and more ‘grounded’ after being stimulated at this frequency. And this study shows that increased blood flow in the brain could be one of the reasons.

Stimulating the Schumann resonance helps people feel grounded - roXiva

Can you increase blood flow in the brain with the Schumann resonance?

So how do get connected to the Schumann resonance?

Get outside!

And there are potentially more effective ways considering how we pollute our planet with other radio frequencies. There are ways to supplement and improve your exposure to this ‘life giving’ frequency.

And one of those ways is to use brainwave entrainment (BWE) or Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE).

The roXiva RX1 light machine uses a series of LED’s in synchrony with tones to entrain your brain to any number of choices of frequency. And this includes the frequencies suitable for increased blood flow in the brain.

On YouTube you will also find a selection of sound only versions of this frequency. Although I can’t vouch for any of those. And sound has not been tested in this research to see if it’s effective alone.

Also available are grounding sheets and mats that literally plug into the earth only pin of your wall power socket. And they claim to ground you with the earths frequency. Again I can’t vouch for them. And there is certainly no evidence that they can increase blood flow in the brain.

What are the other benefits of 7.83Hz Theta

7.83Hz falls into the range known as Theta brainwaves (4-8Hz). And this is close to the border with one of the most common ranges known as Alpha (8-12Hz).

Theta is most commonly associated with medium to deep relaxation states like meditation and trance. It is also the frequency range that hypnosis and hypnotherapy aim for. And so it’s a good frequency to practice.

Used late in the day or evening, Theta frequencies will help you relax and unwind. And theta is also associated with memory. So using a frequency like the Schumann resonance will help you there too.

Basically what I am saying here, having worked with and advised thousands of brainwave entrainment practitioners, is that it’s good stuff. Lol

If you get the chance to try a light and sound session with 7.83Hz I highly suggest you do it. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Contact us for a roXiva near you. You may just become a raving fan and want one yourself.

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