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Thinking about future challenges to a goal in most cases will actually minimise the chances you’ll give up on that goal.

There’s an effect in Psychology called ‘Action Crisis’.

This is where you meet a variation that you hadn’t thought of to fulfilling your goal; and rather than adapting; you question the point of the goal and whether it’s worth sticking to it.

It’s common.

For instance if you decide that from now on you’re going to meditate in the park every morning and when you arrive at the park there is a noisy group of people right where you want to sit.

Do you adjust and walk somewhere else (Or take it as an opportunity to meditate in the noise to gain more flexibility).., or do you decide to do it another day?

This is an action crisis.

Deciding to do it another day often leads to rethinking the value of the goal itself and not doing it at all.

Research shows though; that if you think ahead and are aware of possible challenges to your goal, you are far more likely to have a positive result from an action crisis and become stronger and more resilient because of it.

Obvious you would think; but there are teachings that promote ONLY thinking of the goal going as you planned.

This seems in some studies to encourage failure rather than avoid it.

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