How does roXiva work? 

Using flickering white light combined with sound, the roXiva RX1 will gently and effortlessly guide you into deeply relaxing or profoundly inspiring states of mind, consistently and reliably, using a natural ability of the brain called the Frequency Following Response (see bottom of page).

Find a comfortable position in a reclining chair or lay down, select your RX1 session, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and allow the deeply immersive journey to begin. The RX1 controls its flickering white light and sound to steadily guide you into an altered state, where you may feel like you were gone for just a moment or maybe an eternity, either way indulge in your moment…

Our users share many wonderful experiences and report benefits including profound relief from pain, improved sleep and creativity, emotional release and eureka moments to name a few.

Are you ready for your journey..?

Chilling out with roXiva

Disclaimer: Whilst user experiences are profoundly interesting, the roXiva RX1 is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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User friendly and customisable technology

The user friendliness of the RX1 ensures that all of its settings and functions are right at your fingertips, and with automatic software updates and downloading of the latest sessions you will never miss a thing.

An advanced session editor allows you to make your own bespoke sessions or you can take advantage of the growing catalogue of pre-made sessions including goal specific sessions, or enjoyable entertainment sessions. The later will often leave you breathless as you experience your minds interpretation of flickering white light, something that for most manifests in the form of self-generated artwork of rich colour, shape and swirling patterns, something truly out of this world.

The RX1 roadmap of updates will soon allow time schedule triggered session playing, opening a door to practices like lucid dreaming and astral projection, or to reset your circadian rhythm (body clock) if you have abnormal sleep times. You will be amazed at how versatile and flexible the RX1 is already, and there are many more software features to come in the future for your enjoyment.

Flexible access to the right state of mind

Psychologists, performance experts, personal coaches and teachers of human behaviour all know that the biggest hurdle for personal achievement is that of not being able to be in the right state of mind at the right time. Or put another way, having the flexibility to choose and hold a feeling state appropriate to the situation.., like uncompromising positivity towards your goals and dreams.., is THE key to a life of fulfilment.

Most people want something because of how they think having it will make them feel.., so realised or not, their real goal is to alter their state of mind to achieve the focus or mood that they desire. For instance many ingest something (like alcohol) at the end of the week in a way to effect a state change of relaxation. Here with roXiva’s RX1.., you can tap into limitless state change opportunities, offering you the choice to be and to do differently.

Celebrate your new vitality

The science of brainwave entrainment

It’s worth noting here that there is only so far that science can explain the sometimes miraculous results that people can have with brainwave entrainment. There are scientific based explanations for some of the results that people get and then there is the magic!  And we have countless examples of people experiencing that magic. Sometimes the experience you have is all the proof you need.

Brainwave entrainment (BWE).., also known as audio visual entrainment (AVE), is the term used for the effect an external source of regular beats, flashes or vibrations has, on entraining and synchronising the brains own frequency to that of the external stimulation by way of an effect called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).

This can be done with sound, light, vibration or even certain electromagnetic pulses. Entrainment has the added benefit of being able to create inter-hemispheric synchronisation of both sides of the brain and therefore improving communication between both hemispheres; as well as effects like improved cerebral (brain) blood flow and very deep states of relaxation.In a natural and effortless way, our brain takes an unconscious cue from the external rhythm and frequency of almost any consistent significant rhythm, beat or pulse.., synchronising our internal brainwave patterns to the same frequency, and over time, ‘entraining’ our brain into a state reflective of the speed/frequency of the stimulation. This process is called Brainwave Entrainment or Audio Visual Entrainment.

It’s a well-studied practice with EEG measurements proving it’s effectiveness in which our brain is naturally encouraged through an external stimulus to tune into an alternative brainwave pattern, leading to beneficial states of deep relaxation, hypnotic trance and meditation, improved sleep, improved focus, heightened awareness and many more.

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The science of roXiva brainwave entrainment