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How does roXiva work?

Experience personal growth and achieve success in all areas of your life with roXiva. Using the power of audio visual brainwave entrainment, roXiva effortlessly guides you into deeply relaxing or profoundly inspiring states of mind. By tapping into the natural ability of your brain to synchronize with external sources of rhythm, roXiva allows you to change your state of body and mind. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, meditation, or even powerful drug-free psychedelic experiences, roXiva offers a range of sessions that will take you on a transformative journey. Find out what it’s for here. This user-friendly tool for ongoing life transformation is not just a toy, but a powerful tool for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Are you ready for your journey?

roXiva connects to any tripod

User friendly technology

The user friendliness of roXiva ensures that all of its settings and functions are right at your fingertips, and with ongoing software updates, research and new sessions., you will never miss a thing. No computer, phone app, special stand, music player or wifi connection is needed with roXiva. Everything is contained within the device itself. Light sessions are preloaded and synchronised to music with matching audio tones. Or you can load your own music and attach it to your favourite session. And roXiva attaches to any standard camera tripod giving you total flexibility.

An advanced session editor allows you to make your own bespoke sessions. Or you can take advantage of the growing catalogue of pre-made sessions. And these include goal specific sessions, relaxation sessions, and mind blowing psychedelic sessions. The idea of having hypnotherapy at the push of a button or even a drug free psychedelic trip opens up whole new worlds of possibility. And these will often leave you breathless as you experience your minds interpretation of stroboscopic light synchronised to music. Something that manifests in the form of self-generated visions of rich colour, shape, patterns, and significant emotional experiences. Many of our owners use roXiva as a unique part of their business. And the results keep clients coming back again and again.

Flexible access to the right state of mind creates growth

Psychologists, performance experts, personal coaches and teachers of human behaviour all know that the biggest hurdle for personal growth and achievement is that of not being able to be in the right state of mind at the right time. Or put another way, having the flexibility to choose and hold a feeling state appropriate to the situation is THE key to a life of fulfilment.

Most people want something because of how they think having it will make them feel. And so their real goal is to alter their state of mind to achieve the focus or mood that they desire. For instance many ingest something (like alcohol) at the end of the week in a way to effect a state change of relaxation. Here with roXiva., you can tap into limitless state change opportunities of personal, professional and spiritual transformation. Offering you the choice to be and to do differently. This is about brain optimisation. Exercising the brain and mind just like we exercise the body. Without exercise the body becomes rigid and limited in movement. And the same applies to the brain. There’s another layer to this also, especially with psychedelic light therapy. The mind/brain is a self re-generating complex system. And when you add chaos to a complex system and then remove the chaos., the system has the opportunity to reform differently than before. This is the basis of hormesis or adaptability to controlled stress. Metaphorically think of shaking a glass globe filled with water and glitter, and then letting that glitter settle again in a new pattern.

roXiva user exploring psychedelic light

The science of brainwave entrainment

There is only so far that science can explain the sometimes miraculous results that people can have with brainwave entrainment. And there are scientific based explanations for some of the results that people get., and then there is what could be considered the magic.

The basic principle of brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) is also known as audio visual entrainment (AVE). And is the term used for the effect an external source of regular beats, flashes or vibrations has, on entraining and synchronising the brains own frequency to that of the external stimulation. EEG measurements show that our brain operates in bands of brainwave frequencies. All beneficial or challenging states of mind have an associated brainwave frequency signature. By knowing what brainwave frequencies are present during a particular state of mind., they can be introduced to encourage that state of mind. An example of this is what is called a Theta brainwave state. This is typically around 4-8Hz (Hertz) in frequency. And this means that every second there is 4-8 pulses of electrical activity across the brain. The theta state is considerd a deeply relaxing meditation state. And so by purposely entraining the brain to that frequency., the relaxing state can be produced. This is the basis of brainwave entrainment and it’s use.

Methods of brainwave entrainment

This entrainment can be done with sound, light, vibration or even certain electromagnetic pulses. Entrainment has other added benefits. Like being able to create inter-hemispheric synchronisation of both sides of the brain. And therefore improving communication between both hemispheres. Also, improved cerebral (brain) blood flow and very deep states of relaxation. In a natural and effortless way, our brain takes an unconscious cue from the external rhythm and frequency of almost any consistent significant rhythm, beat or pulse., synchronising our internal brainwave patterns to the same frequency. And over time, ‘entraining’ our brain into a state reflective of the speed/frequency of the stimulation.

Photic driving and SSVEPs

Brainwave entrainment and audio visual entrainment are well-studied practices. Light and sound waves have similar ways of entrainment and how they manifest in the brain. However light has a more powerful result on overall brain activity. The effect of light in the brain is measured by EEG and is called a photic driving response. And this is often referred to as a steady state visually evoked potential (SSVEP). These SSVEP’s cause brain synchronisation starting in the visual and auditory cortex’s, and then spread throughout the brain.

Waveforms and harmonics

A SSVEP is measurable in the brain at the fundamental frequency for all waveforms. The fundament frequency is the same as the external stimulation. And SSVEP’s also show as harmonics for most waveforms that are not sine waves. A sine wave is an analogue change. For light this would be like turning a dimmer up and down repeatedly. A square wave on the other hand is a digital change. The light is either fully on, or fully off. In the case of square waves and other types of waveform, harmonics are introduced. Harmonics are the result of the interaction of multiple sine waves that make up a square wave (or other waveform). Square waves are basically multiple sine waves joined together. A 50% duty cycle (light is on and off for equal time) square wave, will give harmonics as ‘odd numbers’ of the fundamental. For example, a 10Hz square wave will give a strong SSVEP at 10Hz, a weaker SSVEP at 30Hz and a minimal SSVEP at 50Hz. Above that the harmonic signal is very weak.  And when the duty cycle of a square wave is changed from 50%, ‘even number’ harmonics are also introduced.

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