Experience the transformational benefits of light and sound.

What is it for?

Tap into the power of your mind with roXiva. Explore a wide range of brain states and frequencies, unlocking limitless potential. With expert guidance and mentoring, discover new possibilities for enhanced focus, creativity, relaxation, and personal growth.

Deep trance meditation

Meditation & Spiritual Development

Drug free psychedelics

Drug-free psychedelic therapy

General wellbeing

Stress and Anxiety Management

How does it work? 

The roXiva utilizes the combination of flickering white light and sound to effortlessly guide you into a relaxed state of mind. This is achieved by harnessing the power of our brains natural ability to respond to external frequencies and synchronize with them. The result is easy access to beneficial states of mind like relaxation or peak performance at the push of a button. With roXiva, experience the power of synchronised light and sound and allow your mind to enter a state of deep relaxation.

“Before trying the roXiva I didn’t know what to expect or gain from the experience. But afterwards the only way to describe it is “peaceful”. I had quite an upbeat song playing whilst seeing so many colours and patterns. These turned into the sun and flowers, and it sent me into a moment of pure calmness. My mind completely shut off and I was lost in the moment with just the surroundings I was seeing.
I can’t wait for another session to see where it takes me next.”
Catty Price - Doncaster, UK

“I’ve never experienced that before. The first session left me feeling so relaxed and ready to take on the world. Rarely do I get that from meditation. And seeing as I have never used any psychoactive drugs before, I was keen to see what a drug free psychedelic experience was like also. I was totally immersed in beautiful colours and patterns and music. Such a powerful and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much.”


I borrowed an RX1 for just over a week to see if it could help me sleep and de-stress. Yes and yes. At first I just tried random sessions for fun. And had some journeys I can tell you. Then I used ‘Silent night’ in the evening and ‘Attention booster’ in the morning for a week. And what a difference that made. Combined with the advice given in the ‘better sleep series’ articles on the Roxiva website I now wake up refreshed and ready to go. Thank you.

Abrim D – (Bristol – UK)

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