roXiva lamp

The roXiva lamp gives users profound and unique immersive journeys with light and sound.

The roXiva RX1 lamp uses rhythms of pulsing light combined with music and brain optimisation techniques to expand and enhance wellbeing. Either lie down or relax in your favourite chair, put on your headphones and close your eyes. Rhythmic light and music will bathe you in a kaleidoscope of colour, form, and movement. The result is profound meditative journeys that support mental health, creativity, relaxation, and open doors to new levels of consciousness. We are the pioneers of using light and sound to generate mind expanding journeys. RoXiva is the fusion of science and art with a growing library of expertly crafted light and sound sessions for you to choose from. And using them is as easy as listening to your favourite music. The result cannot be described in words or compared to other experiences. You have to experience roXiva to understand.

Join us and explore the magical potential of your mind to change, expand, and grow. All while leaving behind your limitations.

Life is created by experiences. Your journey of transformational experiences starts here…

The roXiva RX1 lamp
Reliable Meditation with roXiva

Consistent reliable meditation

Enjoy deep meditation that would normally take years to master. Available to you at the the push of a button.

Stress Relief with roXiva

Stress and anxiety relief

Get relief from anxiety and stress, and become resilient to life’s challenges by embracing a life of calm & flow.

Visual Light Journeys, Audio Visual Entrainment

Alternative to psychedelics

Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Embark on a mesmerising light and sound journey with roXiva.

Andy’s story: Creativity and deep rest.

“Once your eyes are closed you have these experiences where you’re exploring your own inner landscape. I went away from one of the sessions and created my own music. And then when I came back, I got to experience my own music with the visuals as well. And that was incredible. It’s like a very lucid dream, and you feel deeply rested like you’ve been in a deep dream state.”

Andy - UK

Who we are, and why we do what we do.

Just as important as the technology you are about to invest in, is the team of people behind it!

The team at roXiva consists of experienced and qualified researchers and artisans in the fields of electronic technology, expanded states of consciousness, therapeutic change, neuroscience, and audio production. We understand that given the right environment, that the brain is a self-correcting and expanding system. Our goal and passion is to deliver alternative ways for people to take advantage of this human trait. And we do this by creating experiences that are so unique and enjoyable, that using them and getting the benefit is as easy as listening to your favourite music. The result is light and sound sessions that are not like anything else you have ever experienced, or that anyone else has ever produced.

roXiva Sessions

Our library of sessions will leave you spoilt for choice. Gentle ambient journeys, guided hypnosis & meditation, goal specific sessions, and psychedelic alternative sessions that create fans out of sceptics. All under your total control. Our ongoing collabroations with musicians and artists., ensure every note and visual effect blend seamlessly to create experiences like no other. Setting us apart from the competition.

Rapid Transformation by roXiva - Nina Walsh music
Underworld by roXiva
Stargate by roXiva

Join the ever-growing roXiva community today.

Cody Rall, M.D. is a United States Navy trained Psychiatrist who specializes in neurotechnology. He is a co-founder of Stanford Brainstorm, the world’s first academic laboratory dedicated to transforming brain health through entrepreneurship. See his EEG tests on roXiva and the surprising results.

“Before trying the roXiva I didn’t know what to expect or gain from the experience. But afterwards the only way to describe it is “peaceful”. I had quite an upbeat song playing whilst seeing so many colours and patterns. These turned into the sun and flowers, and it sent me into a moment of pure calmness. My mind completely shut off and I was lost in the moment. I can’t wait for another session to see where it takes me next.”

Catty Price - UK

Try the roXiva for yourself
roXiva demonstration

“I’ve never experienced that before. The first session left me feeling so relaxed and ready to take on the world. Rarely do I get that from meditation, and seeing as I have never used any psychoactive drugs before, I was keen to see what a drug free psychedelic experience was like also. I was totally immersed in beautiful colours and patterns and music. Such a powerful and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much.”

Richard - USA