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GONG BATH: Combine the healing sounds of gong vibrations with light waves.

Friend and sound healer Ladrhyn Bexx joins me in a collaboration of sound and light washing over you in a journey that will take you though altered states and send healing waves through your mind.

As the rhythm of gong vibrations changes and blends from one moment to the next so does the light journey, resulting in something much more than the sum of it’s parts.

The sound vibrations exert an effect on the already changing visual displays and associated feelings of bliss and dream like movement.

This is a hybrid session with part of it psychedelic, and part of it more subtle but still the effects are profound none the less and will leave you wondering where the time went.

Ladrhyn creating gong magic

“The psychedelic gong bath with Ladrhyn was a sensory treat.., ambient, mystical and experiential.”



“Wonderful experience. Very calming and yet energising. Great facilitator. I’ll be back for another session for sure.”

Kate N


“Beautiful healer. Thanks for making my day better.”