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GUIDED HYPNOSIS: This guided hypnosis session is designed to help you get more done in less time. As parallel goals, it is also designed to help you feel really good about yourself while doing those things, let go of old limiting beliefs and habits, feel gratitude for what you have, and accept where you are while going for more. Productivity without all that is a difficult journey.

‘Getting things done’ will have a accumulative effect over time and builds on itself while you sleep. Often this results in feeling the effects the next morning.

This session uses direct hypnosis with embedded indirect ‘Ericksonian’ style suggestion. Don’t expect nice fluffy stories and visualisation techniques. They have a place but not in this style of hypnosis. Don’t expect all of the word structure to make sense either. Everything is done on purpose.

‘Getting things done’ is about much more than productivity. It’s about enjoying the journey! 

Those of you not familiar with hypnotic language will notice the obvious suggestions.

Those of you who are trained in hypnosis yourselves may notice second or third layers. For example analogue and spacial marking of words within a sentence that create a second or third sentence.., or words that have more than one meaning and are used ambiguously for that reason.., or post hypnotic suggestions that get triggered later in the session.

And there are more layers than that. Each purposely and carefully used to allow your own mind to get what it most needs from the session.

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Getting things done hypnosis

Thank you so much for this. I can’t believe how good I feel after using this and how easy getting things done has become. You’re careing and intention comes through so powerfully. This and the ‘Calm before the storm’ session have helped me get through some tough times.

Blessings.., Veronique