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Back in March of 2015.., brain researcher Li-Huei Tsai of MIT in Cambridge bathed Alzheimer’s suffering mice in 40Hz Gamma flickering light for a hour a day. To her disbelief, the mice receiving the 40hz ‘treatment’ had significantly reduced plaque (considered a cause of this condition) in the brain.

Since then, more studies have been taking place and human trials have also been underway.

This latest report shows that the treatment does in fact have promise for human use.

10 volunteers with Alzheimer’s disease used a sound and light device an hour a day for 8 weeks.

One of the challenges with any such treatment is getting people to actually use it as intended. Most people give up or miss sessions causing results to be sporadic.

The uptake and continued use was at 90% which is high for any type of treatment.

The study looked at safety and tolerance also, both of which were better than expected.


Results show that the flicker treatment engages the brains immune system resulting in enhanced cognition and clearing of brain pathogens.

Also studied was the effect on the default mode network which is responsible for awareness and memory use while awake and is typically deficient in those with Alzheimer’s. After the trial the connectivity in this network had improved.


Still more research to be done but this is starting to look promising.


Latest research paper here >>>