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Haha, well almost…

What this research has found is that there are predictable patterns of Gamma waves present not only during the successful coding of new information.., but that these same patterns are also present when the encoded information is retrieved correctly.

In other words, the same brainwave state that correctly stores and creates new memories, exists and is measurable when those same memories are remembered.

The researchers were able to tell before the subject could, that an answer given was based on false information.

By observing the patterns of brainwaves, researchers could predict whether an answer was true or false.

And mid to high Gamma (44-100 Hz) was found to be the significant driver in this case.

Could this pattern be stimulated in the persons brain to encourage more true answers? Possibly. It makes sense that helping the brain go into a state where accurate memory is easier to access will improve someone’s memory recall.

Interesting stuff.

And as synchronicity would have it..,

a roXiva session called TOTAL-RECALL is already in formation.

It’s the truth I promise! Haha

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