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This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions.

If you have a question about roXiva that isn’t answered here, please contact us with your queries and we’ll be happy to help.

roXiva light party
What will my first roXiva session be like?

You are in complete control of your roXiva experience the whole time and your facilitator will not only keep an eye on you and be there should you need them, but they will explain what you can do if it feels too intense. Of course the simplest thing to do is just cover your eyes or move away from the light.

You will be invited to either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes and either practice your favourite breathing technique if you know one, or just let go and enjoy your light journey. And you will keep your eyes closed the whole time.., roXiva works through closed eyelids.

Headphones will be provided. And music synchronised to the light or simply appropriate to the session, will play while you are immersed in the experience.

The session light intensity will be set at an average level but at any time during the session you can adjust this or have this adjusted for you.

After the experience you will have time to reflect or ask any clarifying questions.

We strongly recommend that you arrive hydrated and rested to get the most out of your roXiva experience.

Sometimes people can relax so much that they go into a trance like state and your facilitator will reassure you and give you time to regain full awareness.

The most common response is to feel incredibly relaxed and refreshed and happy. Not a bad side effect really.

Most people have a mind expanding wonderful experience with roXiva. And your trained roXiva partner will explain to you what to expect and ensure you are safe and looked after before, during and after the session

What is the roXiva safety questionnaire?

Before the session you will be asked to complete the roXiva safety/informed consent questionnaire.

Although very few challenges ever occur, we consider your safety to be number one.

For example in some rare cases strobing/flickering light may trigger a seizure in those sensitive to light. And occasionally people are unaware of this sensitivity before a session. So we do our best to ask the right questions beforehand to avoid this. And we cover known possible reasons for someone being more likely statistically to have this reaction in the questionaire. This risk is nothing new and is the reason, as I’m sure you will have noticed in TV news shows in particular, that they warn ahead of time that “flash photography may be used in the following news clip”. Most people ignore these TV warnings because they are not in the group of people that need to know about them.

The main questions in our safety questionnaire are included below so that you may decide ahead of time if you feel comfortable with the questions. There is also supplementary information as to why we ask each question if you would like to know that. We feel that sharing this information openly leads to trust and relaxation around the session. And with this step taken care of you will be ready to enjoy the experience and likely left wanting more.

Safety questions you will need to answer:

1)  Have you ever personally suffered from epilepsy or had a seizure?

2) Do you have any family history of epilepsy or seizures?

3) Are you taking any prescribed medication, including those for anxiety or depression?

4) Do you have any psychological or psychiatric conditions?

5) Have you ever had any head or brain injuries, or had brain surgery?

6) Have you ever had a stroke? 

7) Are you taking any photosensitive medication?

8) Are you pregnant?

9) Have you had laser treatment to your eyes or face within the last month?

10) Have you taken any recreational or psychoactive drugs in the last 24 hours?

11) Have you consumed any alcohol in the last 24 hours?


The second half of the questionnaire is a set of statements that you will need to agree to including that you understand that roXiva is NOT a medical or psychological therapy and is not intended as a treatment or remedy for any condition. And that you are at least 18 years of age.

Are BWE and AVE claims real?

There is only so far that science can go to answer this question before ‘magic’ takes over.

Having spent many years researching and advising people on what brainwave entrainment (BWE) and audio visual entrainment (AVE) can and cannot do, it should come as no surprise that I have been asked some pretty unusual questions.

I’ve also seen some dubious and sometimes even immoral claims by supposedly reputable companies. I make claims too. But I try as much as possible to temper them with the advice that ALL results are possible., and some of them are probable. For example.., it is true to say that learning to relax and enter expanded states of consciousness more easily and profoundly can and will positively effect EVERY area of your life.

Have I seen miraculous results beyond the expected ones? Yes.

Will everyone get those miraculous results? No.

There are certain results that almost everyone WILL get. And that is why the majority of people who invest in this technology do so. And there is research to back those uses up.


What colour light does roXiva use?

Just white light. Yes, all of the colours and patterns that you see are a result of your brains unique ability to create colour and form from frequency.
For some people the vividness of the colours is so remarkable that they can’t believe the light is just white.
Roxiva uses state of the art hardware and software to produce unparalleled patterns, shapes, and colours. And these combine with specific frequencies to give you access to beneficial states of mind and body.

Do I have my eyes open or closed?

The light is designed to work through closed eyelids. And one of the advantages of this is that closing your eyes is a natural trigger to start to relax and leave the outside world behind. It is also better for your eyes.

What will I see?

That depends on the session you choose. If you choose a subtle entrainment type session, what you see will be mild and relaxing pulses of light with some colour and subtle patterning. If you choose a more impactful session, you will see both kaleidoscopic type patterns, a little bit like spinning fractals and mandalas, and images from your memory. These combine to create unique and fully immersive journeys that mimic psychedelic drugs like LSD and DMT. The light produces a layer of vividness and immersion that doesn’t exist in normal experience.

Is roXiva safe for my eyes?

Yes. The main cautions around light are UV and blue light. roXiva LED’s are UV shielded and the amount of blue light is less than most indoor lighting. Also, because they are seen through closed eyes, the eyelids filter out almost all blue light due to blue lights inability to penetrate more than about 1mm of skin. We collaborated with an industrial certification company on a study which gave us certainty that the level of light used with the roXiva lamp is perfectly safe and below what is called the “phototoxicity” threshold .

What are the benefits of using roXiva?

There are many, but the main benefits are the deep altered and expanded states of consciousness that people go into. This has a number of positive effects from mood enhancement and stress relief, to heightened creativity and spontaneous spiritual experiences. Using roXiva in specific ways is a type of brain fitness and optimisation. The mind responds to ‘exercise’ just like the body does. There are sessions for specific purposes like deep relaxation or creative inspiration. And there are drug free psychedelic trips that will take you on a journey of consciousness exploration. These types of session produce self generated ‘mind art’ combined with feelings of euphoria and rejuvenation.

Users have access to expanded states of consciousness and deep relaxation at the push of a button.

Can children use roXiva?

The big advantage with roXiva is that the experience can be stopped instantly. However, people under 18 are not recommended to use roXiva for safety reasons unless a doctor or a experienced psychotherapist says it’s okay (and parents are informed and physically present during the session). This is because although the technology is likely to be beneficial for them too, there is a slightly higher chance of overstimulation or the inability to emotionally, intellectually and symbolically deal with the experience afterwards. In much the same way as ingested psychedelics are inappropriate and too much for someone of that age. 

Are there scientific studies on this technology?

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) and audio-visual entrainment (AVE) have been extensively studied in the scientific community. While both visual and auditory methods rely on entraining the brain to a specific frequency, visual light stimulation has been found to have a more significant impact on overall brain activity. The photic driving response, also known as steady state visually evoked potentials (SSVEPs), is a measurable effect of light on the brain, as detected by EEG. SSVEPs cause synchronization of neural activity, starting in the visual cortex and then spreading throughout the brain.

Although less common than studies on drugs, studies on BWE and AVE show positive effects on a range of issues. There are many articles on this website that feature various topics and include references to science literature

How do I learn about the technology and brainwave frequencies?

There is a wealth of information on this website in the form of articles and research. As an owner you will have access to a user FaceBook community. And there is also a VIP user website with descriptions, videos and further knowledge on how to best use the technology.

As a member of the roXiva community you will have access to many years of unmatched knowledge and experience. And expertly crafted and tested sessions are available ranging from guided hypnosis and meditation sessions, to full on DMT style psychedelic trips synchronised to music created by experienced DJ’s and musical artists.

Can I use other practices with roXiva?

Absolutely, there is no need to but this is a great way to enhance other practices. We have owners that combine roXiva with hypnotherapy, float tanks, breathwork, sound healing, sports performance training, artistic and business creativity, and psychedelic therapy to name a few.

Anything beneficial that involves being in an optimal brain state to maximise it’s potential., can be enhanced with roXiva.

When and how much should I use roXiva?

When you first start it is natural to want to try everything. And although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, like anything., too much use can lead to mild discomfort or desensitization. This will pass. Some people can use it more than others and this depends on a number of factors like how stimulated you already are, existing stressors and what you start with as a goal. Always seek medical advice if you feel unwell for a long period of time. The time of day will depend on the goal. For example a stimulating session in the morning can set you up for a creative day.

Most successful research with this technology uses a protocol of 3 or more times per week for about 4 weeks with the same type of session.

That doesn’t mean that less than that or even just one session cannot cause lasting benefit. It can and does happen that fast sometimes.

But you wouldn’t meditate once and declare yourself enlightened would you.

What if I don't want a strong experience?

With roXiva, you have full control over the intensity of your experience. It’s important to note that you don’t have to have a psychedelic journey if that’s not your preference. We offer a wide range of sessions that cater to various needs, such as cognitive enhancement, improved sleep, stress and anxiety relief, and pain management, among others. While words may fall short in describing the true essence of the experience, we invite you to join our vibrant community and personally witness why so many people are amazed and eager to be part of this transformative journey.