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And as little as 15 minutes of exercise is enough!

Cool; I think I can manage that. Haha

Just 15 minutes of exercise straight after learning is enough to create a significant difference in retention and skill development compared to resting after learning.

Brain scans in this research experiment showed that people in the group that exercised rather than rested not only have better retention 24 hours later, but their brains actual work less to do the same task; leaving more resources to do other things (multi tasking).

It seems that exercise strengthens the neural connections and makes them less demanding of brain activity and energy.

This ties in to other research I have read that suggests that the chemicals produced by exercise that promote muscle growth and repair have the same effect on the brain.

Which actually makes sense.

Interestingly the differences were measurable in the 90 minutes after exercise but not 8 hours after. In fact 8 hours after the retention of the new skill was worse! Only when measured 24 hours after were the differences at their greatest and most different from the group that rested and didn’t exercise.

IE: The improvements of learning retention by post exercise became most apparent only after sleep.

It seems the combination of exercise with sleep is the key to maximum results in learning retention and progress.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we could short cut that process with roXiva.

So for instance…

1) Learn a new skill or information.

2) Exercise for 15 minutes or more.

3) Use a Delta (maybe with bursts of Theta) dominant session on roXiva.

I’m guessing here; but the science behind the idea is pretty accurate.

Could be fun to try.

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