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Body Mind Spirit Celebration CINCINNATI SPRING

WELCOME HOME! Cincinnati has a singular pleasure at this festival as we move into the spectacular expansion of the Sharonville Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Forest of Enchantment” and […]

L’art de la transe photosonique

L’art de la transe de photosonique : extase musicale et rêve éveillé… S’étonner – S’émerveiller – Se Réjouir Les lampes dites « hypnagogiques » sont des technologies de lumière pulsée immersive (photoneuromodulation) […]

Hack Your Health

At Hack Your Health our mission is to educate our attendees on how to improve metabolic health, enhance well-being in all areas of life, and upgrade their quality of life with biohacking. […]

ICPR 2024

Amsterdam , Netherlands

ICPR features world-leading experts from many academic disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, ethnobotany, and philosophy who come together to give a scientific conference for academics, therapists, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, […]

Float Conference

The Float Conference is the main event for the global float industry. Float center owners, manufacturers, researchers, suppliers, and those interested in joining the float industry all come out for […]