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Concert Workshops with Roxiva

November 26, 2021 - November 28, 2021

The Art and Science of Inner Journeys
Cosmic consciousness and photonic musical ecstasy
Explorations in CAROUGE (Switzerland – near GENEVA) – November 2021

“If the yogi melts in this unrivalled happiness that singing and other aesthetic pleasures arouse, his thought well appeased, all mixed with this enjoyment, he will coincide with the blissful cosmic evidence…” Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Three “CONCERTS-ATELIERS” for expansive musical joy as well as a presentation-demonstration for professionals of the effects and possible skillful therapeutic uses of the Roxiva RX1 lamp technology.
“Cosmic Splendors…” ///
Friday, November 26: 7-10pm – 20 places
Under the lamp, as a group, a kaleidoscopic foray into the hyper-creative world of electronic music and its ability to evoke and suggest an oceanic and cosmic feeling, and to propel us into the pure imagination of future worlds and space travel…
“Traditional and sacred wonders…” ///
Saturday, November 27: 8-11pm – 20 seats
A journey into the world of world and sacred music, a spiral dive into the time and space of various traditions and their ability to bring out essential intuitions and spontaneously evoke a deep sense of humanity, expansion and unity…

“Musical multiverse: a mosaic of melodic sparks and pure impressions…”
Sunday, November 28: 1:30 – 4:00 pm: 20 places
Under the lamp, in group, it will be a question here of proposing a multidimensional voyage – all azimuths – in very varied musical and sound impressions. The imagination is amplified and several windows open simultaneously, memory is sometimes revealed in all its magic, intuition is sharpened: the wonders of sensitivity and inner immensity are willingly given to live…

“Understanding the therapeutic potential of trance induced by photoneuromodulation
Sunday, November 28: 10am-12:30pm – 30 places
The proposal of this small workshop is to make a synthesis on the various professional uses that are possible with the capacity of the Roxiva lamp to induce a whole palette of trances with its unique and special light stimulation. We will detail the possible synergies with the specific know-how of care and support professionals. It will be a presentation, a time for questions and answers, and a short experimentation for participants who wish to do so.


An invitation to an inner journey carried by the synergy of a musical mix and the Roxiva technology ( which is a special stroboscopic lamp able to induce different types of trances and non-ordinary states of consciousness through rhythmic light stimulations.

Location: Carouge, art gallery.

Times: Evenings on Friday and Saturday, and during the day on Sunday.
Price : 45 FS.


The proposal is to facilitate an inner journey by being carried by the wonders and ambiances of various musical universes combined with the intense light immersion produced by the Roxiva lamp technology (

We propose you in a beautiful room of Carouge an original and unpublished experimentation which combines two explorations with the help of the technology which has for name Roxiva.

Human beings – whatever their culture – have always experimented and explored spontaneously, or through well-tried and ritualized means, access to other states of consciousness – trance states – in which deep dimensions of our spirit, creativity, deep understanding, ecstatic imagination and penetrating intuition are manifested in all their splendor…
Among these means of facilitating access to states of direct knowledge, there have been for some years now original and innovative devices – photoneurostimulators (also called hypnagogic lamps) – based solely on the skilful use of light and effectively opening up access to these inner spaces and in general to a whole range of resourceful states. The Roxiva RX1 lamp, the result of patient research and experimentation, is the ultimate in the latest generation of hypnagogic lamps. These devices, based on certain forms of intermittent light stimulation, make it possible to easily and effectively induce different types of trances and thus explore, among other things, the immensity of the unconscious in the broadest sense, the field of high psychic and energetic sensitivity, the subtle body, the contemplative space around the miracle and mystery of consciousness, and the visionary states. Skillfully used, light induction allows reliable and direct access to the vast majority of states usually accessible through hypnotic inductions, traditional or modern pharmacological means, and different approaches to meditation.

It is very interesting to trace the history and emergence (rich in anecdotes) of this astonishing technology in the global contemporary context and in the technological context (physics, electronics, computer science, biology, neuroscience,… ) while presenting the larger historical perspective – cosmic one could say – in which the appearance of this kind of technology is inscribed… Technology whose very existence is under tended by the fundamental human need to experiment other states of consciousness (with reference points and beacons to navigate in all lucidity and without greed in all the psychic strata, which constitutes in a way the psychonautical ideal…).

Within the framework of the synergy of the effects of the lamp with the listening and the musical absorption proposed here, we note that for 95% of the participants, extraordinary geometrical and colored visions are given to live – it is the famous phenomenon of the amplified entoptic hallucinations -, and they are often the anteroom of the deep trance.
The ROXIVA RX1 lamp belongs to the category of neurotechnologies and photoneuromodulators. In 2021, the ROXIVA is the most advanced device in this field and represents the ultimate in the induction of non-ordinary states of consciousness through modulated light flow. This elegant and powerful technology facilitates the exploration of deep and diverse non-ordinary states of consciousness through specific patterns of intermittent light stimulation. The operational characteristics of the Roxiva mean that up to six people can be comfortably placed under the lamp.

The idea of this workshop is to visit – under the effects of this very original photonic device – the possibility of taming and contemplating the pure feeling of being that naturally emerges in amazement, in wonder. Through this deep dive into musical and sensory happiness, which temporarily suspends the impression of the flow of time and the body’s location in earthly space, we can experience “inner worlds”, dimensions of the “inner life”…

The proposal will also be to plunge into the happiness and the deep enjoyment of a sound mix which often allows us – cherry on the cake of the consciousness in a way – to experiment the astonishing phenomenon of the synesthesia, that is to say the fusion of the sense of hearing and the interior vision. Synesthesia, when it occurs, sends us directly and intuitively back to the mystery of perception and the mystery of consciousness…


– General presentation of 20 to 60 minutes (depending on the audience and the needs), questions.
– Preparation and installation of the participants under the lamps.
– Experiment under the lamps, 4 to 6 people per lamp, eyes closed, while listening to the musical mix. The total duration of the lamp experience is between 10 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the context. Most often the duration is 45 minutes.
– There will then be a space and time for discussion – questions and sharing around the participants’ experiences – for those who wish to do so before the workshop closes.

Ideally, each participant is asked to bring a floor mat or yoga mat, as well as a small, thin head cushion (a folded towel is also fine). Most of the time the rooms are equipped, but not always sufficiently. We also invite each participant to bring a shawl or a thin blanket if possible to cover themselves during the immersive journey and to avoid any risk of being cold at any moment.

Below, two examples of videos of concerts with lamps (with the old model of lamp, the previous generation of the less sophisticated lamp called “pandorastar”)…
1/ Concert with five lamps in Paris with the musician Molécule :
2/ Small workshop of mixed music with some testimonies:


The ROXIVA RX1 technology is a powerful photoneuromodulator/photoneurostimulator facilitating access to different states of consciousness. The experience consists of lying down with your eyes closed and absorbing a stream of light (through the eyelid) and music for a period of approximately 5 to 50 minutes. It is a beneficial technology which provides all the guarantees of safety but, depending on the context, it is not always suitable for everyone at all times, and it is necessary to be in good health to use it in an experimental, musical and exploratory context such as that proposed here. The contra-indications to the use of this technology must be respected.
THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE MEANS THAT SOME PEOPLE SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE OR REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP. Please do not register if you are concerned by the eliminatory contra-indications listed below:

– Pregnancy in progress.
– History of epilepsy in all its forms and not only photosensitive epilepsy.
– Parkinson’s disease.
– Pace-maker.
– Antipsychotic treatment or proven psychiatric fragility whether or not it is being managed.
– Neurological problems with or without medical follow-up.
– Current (or recently completed) pharmacological treatments (drugs or herbs) including antidepressants, anxiolytics, or any other nervous system and/or mood medications.
– Laser treatment of the facial skin within the last 30 days.
– Ocular pathologies incompatible with a certain light intensity or recent eye operations (ask an ophthalmologist for advice in case of doubts or special cases).
– Existence of a recent physical or psychological trauma.
– After-effects of head trauma.
– People who have been treated and cared for severe and persistent vertigo in the past.
– Consumption of legal or illegal psychoactive substances or consumption of alcohol prior to experimentation under the lamp.

Children over 15 years of age may be admitted if accompanied by at least one parent.

If you have any questions about the precautions to be taken, you can write to the following email address:

Participants will each sign a small informed consent document attesting on their honour that they are not concerned by the contraindications mentioned below and that the session can therefore be experienced without unnecessary discomfort or stress.

It is important to bear in mind that the proposal of this workshop is an exploration for musical happiness, for joy, for amazement, for wonder, and – ultimately – for the contemplation of the miracle-infinite-mystery-absolute consciousness that we irrevocably are in every moment. In absolutely no way does this workshop in its form or intent constitute a therapeutic or medical proposal or claim


Alexandre Quaranta is a philosopher, author, and teacher of yoga (dream state yoga). For the past 30 years he has specialised in the study and exploration of strange, exotic and wonderful states of consciousness and direct approaches known as “non-dual”. He is passionate about all forms of creativity in the arts, sciences and technology. He monitors innovations in neurotechnology and maps the many new professional and personal uses made possible by photonic and sonic induction of trance states.


– Unprecedented aesthetic experiences, astonishing synesthesia in different sensory modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory…).
– Joyful elevation of mood.
– Cessation of habitual mental activity giving way to a meditative state, a state of attentive presence, a relaxed vigilance anchored in the present…
– Deeper sleep and more intense dreams at night or in the following nights.
– Deep physical and mental relaxation and a significant reduction in stress levels.
– Opening and amplification of intuitive and imaginative capacities.
– Opening to meditative and contemplative states with relevant existential insights.
– Creativity and inspiration in all areas (artistic, practical, relational and human, technical, scientific, …) during or after the session.
– Greater mental acuity and learning capacity for a few hours, sometimes for a few days.
– Greater ability to step back from personal or professional questions or to step back instantly from certain aspects of one’s life.
– Spontaneous opening to other states of consciousness or to the great reservoir of the unconscious in the broad sense as described in all the literature related to transpersonal psychology (Grof, Jung, Maslow, etc.).
– Spontaneous resolution of personal difficulties and direct deep insight into personal patterns.
– Expansion of consciousness and sense of cosmic and oceanic belonging
– Sense of unified absorption in the pure sense of being.
– Amplified intuitive perception of trends and “vectors” within the collective consciousness and current civilisation…
– Intuition of the interconnectedness of individual consciousnesses and psyches…
– Existential intuitions around the phenomenon of death and dying. (intuitions described for example in the transpersonal literature).


Mireille: “It was very beautiful, I was in another world”…
Jeanne: “I’m a stylist by trade, and from everything I saw, I left with ideas and something to work with for at least a year”…
Olivier: “I had the impression of stepping back more and more, with an increasing speed that accelerated towards all aspects of my identity, my body, my life – to a feeling of peace and clarity that is difficult to describe”…
Sebastien: “I saw the comic book I occasionally work on fully finished and finalized, it gave me a new and intense energy to really finish this creation”…
John: “I’ve been travelling in pure colour and I think I’ve even seen colours or shades of colours that don’t have names very clearly. I have the impression of having been nourished and regenerated by the world of colour…”…
Sylvie: “I lost the thread of the colours and the music, maybe I fell asleep at one point for a few minutes probably. Then at one point I was as if in a dream but somehow conscious and I had a dialogue with a loved one who had passed away. It was very intense and amazing. I don’t know what the ultimate nature of this communication was, perhaps it was just a deep and wonderful dimension of my memory and imagination, but I felt and still feel deeply soothed and amazed.”
Catherine: “I know some of the ‘teaching plants’ well. Under the lamp it was different but there were amazing similarities and I was carried by identical currents of intuition. It was very beautiful in terms of visions, but above all I had a feeling of acceptance with the key to a very clear practical resolution of a relationship problem that had been taking up a lot of my energy for several weeks…
Thierry: “I didn’t see anything extraordinary, but the luminous bath in the music had the effect of a sort of shower, and at the end I felt very relaxed and full of energy, with a great clarity of mind”.
Peter: “When the room spray was sprayed, I literally saw the smell. On the second occasion, it happened again. My geometrical and coloured visions were the expression of the smell or at least were modulated by the smell. It was very strange and a bit fascinating…
Emmanuelle: “I had a great deal of perspective on my life, on this life. It was the feeling that basically everything is fine and that existence is a great mystery, that “everything dilutes quietly in the end”. It seemed to me that this is what you can feel when you are aware that you are going to die soon.
Samantha: “I had the impression that I was leaving my body very quickly, with a sensation of having a second, lighter body. After the surprise, it scared me a lot and I wanted it to stop. I “floated” for a few moments and very quickly regained the sensation of the body lying on the ground. I regret a little that I wasn’t more curious despite the fear”…
Marc: “At first it was just colourful and very geometric visions. Then I had the impression that my inner vision was in a huge inner space, very panoramic. It was a common impression of space and sky like I had experienced in the high mountains. Then very suddenly it was a flood of visions and “mini video clips” of images of the future, of the conquest of space, of orbital stations, of spaceships, of distant planets as in the most beautiful artist’s visions or computer graphics that I have seen here or there. It was really beautiful. Then the colourful visions came back and it was almost the end.
Olga: “It was a firework of musical beauty and geometry. As a psychologist I thought that it was certainly a machine that could help some of my patients in certain aspects of the work of imagination that I do with them so that they can reconstruct themselves”…
Sophie: “Throughout my body, it was like a great liquid and magnetic circulation of energy that “massaged me from the inside” to a kind of voluptuousness and orgasm of the whole body.
Paul: “I didn’t see anything and I really found the time long under this flashing lamp and at the end it was almost a bit painful. Fortunately I found the music pleasant and well-chosen”…

Jean-Luc: “I have been interested in Chinese medicine for a long time and I practice certain meditations and visualisations. I found myself experiencing a meditation on the meridians with a new acuity and I really had the distinct impression of seeing and feeling them…
Hanchi: “At the end of the session, I had the sensation of having irons in my hands, like after some tai-chi sessions”…
Sophie-Anne: “I feel like I do after a vipassana meditation retreat, at the end of the 10 days. It’s really amazing”…
François: “I am a professional musician and arranger. I would love to try this lamp when I am working on my music or on a complex project for a client”…


– The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – 112 Tantric Meditations, translated by Pierre Feuga, published by L’Originel Accarias, 1989.
– S’étonner d’être – l’éveil à la joie d’être Conscience, Alexandre Quaranta, éditions l’Originel Accarias, 1999.
– Journey to the centre of oneself – crossing internal appearances – awakening booklet, Stephen Jourdain, l’Originel Accarias editions, 2014.
– The Immensity Within – rediscovering our original nature, Douglas Harding, l’Originel Accarias, 2017.

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November 26, 2021
November 28, 2021