The Psychedelic Lamp from roXiva

The psychedelic lamp experience gives you an alternative to psychedelics

Welcome to the psychedelic lamp from roXiva. A safe and legal alternative to the psychedelic experience. There is still misunderstanding around psychedelics due to the prohibition of drugs late last century. And even now with the emergence of psychedelics as medicine for ‘unhealthy’ people, the misunderstandings continue. Much of the early experimentation with psychedelics were with experienced meditators wanting to expand their practice. The truth is that psychedelics aren’t just a drug, they are an experience. And experience leads to changes in belief and behaviour. Psychedelics are equally medicine for healthy people. People don’t have to be unhealthy to get therapeutic benefit from exploring expanded states of consciousness. In fact there is a saying in psychedelic circles that ‘altered states lead to altered traits’. And this is where roXiva is making a positive impact on peoples mental wellbeing without the risk.

Why have a psychedelic lamp?


One of the fastest growing parts of the alcohol industry, is alcohol removed beers and wines. Because people want to enjoy the experience, without the potential side effects. Now you have the same alternative for psychedelics. This means you can feel safe and in control of your experience.

Having the ability to access psychedelic states without ingesting a drug opens up the door to both therapeutic and recreational applications. Here you have legal and drug free psychedelic journeys at the push of a button. This has potential in any or all of the three psychedelic steps of set, setting and integration. As an introduction and preparation to the non-ordinary states of consciousness caused by psychedelics, as a tool for psychedelic integration, or as an alternative to the psychedelic drugs themselves.

Your roXiva psychedelic lamp journey starts with choosing from a growing catalogue of purpose made psychedelic light and sound sessions. Some are intense like a strong DMT trip., some are more body focused like roXiva K – Ketamine. And some are more subtle like a low dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Put on your headphones and lie down., or relax in your favourite reclining chair.

Your psychedelic lamp journey begins softly at first to let you settle in. And with an increasing depth of immersion, you will find yourself progressively bathed in a beautiful world of colourful mandala’s, moving patterns and hallucinations. Keep in mind that this is just light and sound. You can make adjustments and remain in total control of the experience throughout. When the lamp is stopped, so is your journey. It’s all at the touch of a button.

The roXiva psychedelic lamp is taking over where others have left off. With ongoing added functionality building on what is already the leader in the field.

The experiences are both mind altering and exciting. As you lose yourself in the experience, the world is left behind you.

NOTE: It’s important to be aware that having a positive psychedelic experience with roXiva, does not mean that you could have a positive experience with an ingested psychedelic drug. You do not have total control of your experience with ingested psychedelics as you do with roXiva. 

“That was the most profound experience of my life, seriously”. [roXiva light party participant]

roXiva psychedelic lamp

“WOW doesn’t even come close”

roXiva psychedelic party

First I saw beautiful colours and mandala patterns. Then I became an Eagle flying over a lake before entering the lake as a fish. Then I was back into the patterns again. And then I met my Grand mother who has passed. She said that she loved me and that I was going to be OK. I cried a lot after that session. And I felt a great release. Thank you.” [roXiva session: Hypnagogic vision]

How does the roXiva psychedelic lamp work

Welcome to roXiva, audio visual brainwave entrainment, brain optimisation, and drug free psychedelics. By taking advantage of your brains ability to follow and synchronise to flickering light and sound, deep trance states are achieved very quickly. Alternatively, the same principals apply to achieving hyper alert states where creative idea generation and flow occur. These unique states can be simple, or profound. They are a mix of the hypnagogic state between awake and asleep, altered neurochemistry similar to psychedelics, the Ganzfeld effect, and increased lucid awareness. Combined, one of the effects is a psychedelic light experience.

The roXiva psychedelic lamp uses specific synchronised audio and visual brainwave frequencies in purposeful ways. RoXiva works through closed eyelids and the ears to stimulate first the visual and auditory cortices, and then the whole brain. And this produces kaleidoscopic and hallucinogenic effects of colour, pattern, movement and self generated imagery.

The experiences can be profound, powerful, and incredibly meaningful.

Is a drug free psychedelic lamp trip safe?

Unlike ingesting a psychoactive drug, roXiva psychedelic lamp sessions are under your control to stop or start at any time. As with anything, there are of course some contraindications or medical conditions to be aware of. And we have a thorough safety questionnaire that outlines these potential cases. Negative responses are rare. In most cases, this is a safe alternative to psychedelic drugs.

roXiva transformation

When I arrived for my session I had intense pain in my abdomen. 5 minutes in to the session and it disappeared. And that wasn’t even my goal. I’m amazed”

What if I don’t want a strong experience?

You can choose the intensity. And you don’t have to have a psychedelic lamp experience at all if you don’t want to. There are plenty of sessions that are more meditative and relaxing. For example there are sessions for cognitive enhancement, better sleep, stress and anxiety relief, guided hypnosis and many more.

The only way to describe the experience accurately is to not describe it at all. Because you really have to experience it first hand. And then you will know why people are so impressed and want to join us and our experienced community.

The number of roXiva owners and partners are constantly expanding all over the world. So please feel free to CONTACT US to take your curiosity to the next step.

The most powerful, functional psychedelic light machine experience available

RoXiva uses high quality white LED’s, built in high quality audio, and an intuitive user interface to give an all inclusive experience. Just add headphones and any standard camera tripod to set yourself up. No computer, phone app, or special stand is needed.

Audio visual brainwave entrainment is the term used for the brains ability to synchronise to and follow an external repeating pattern of frequencies. In this case pulses of light and sound with added music to create a fully immersive experience. But the roXiva psychedelic lamp is much more than that. RoXiva combines the best of entrainment, brain optimisation strategies, advanced audio production, and world leading psychedelic imagery to give you an experience unmatched by others.

When used purposely, this gives the user a drug free psychedelic light trip experience similar to what psychoactive drugs like DMT, Ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) give. And you get to choose whether to have this type of visual experience or a more subtle light and sound meditation one where you ‘entrain’ your brain to a new pattern of neural activity.

The MUSHROOM LADY reaction

I’ve been meditating for 20 years and teaching it for 10. It would take me 3 days of focussed practice to get into the state I’m in right now. You’ve done me out of a job.” [RoXiva session: If found, return to Earth]

What will you do with an alternative to psychedelics?

The psychedelic lamp from roXiva gives you instant access to expanded states of consciousness. The expertly crafted sessions result in a balanced highly creative mind.  Resulting in new ways of seeing the world. And new ways of experiencing the world leads to life becoming easier and more enjoyable. RoXiva psychedelic lamp sessions give you a consistent and reliable way to manage your emotional and physical wellbeing and regain a sense of control and purpose.

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