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Roxiva drug free psychedelic light trips

Fancy a legal drug free psychedelic light trip? RoXiva technology and stroboscopic light sessions are on the leading edge of what can be experienced without drugs. Getting high without drugs may seem impossible. But it’s actually quite common.

One of the fastest growing industries currently, is the production of alcohol removed beers and wines. People want the experience, but without the potential side effects! Read on to discover how to do the same with psychedelic experiences…


Drug free psychedelic trips at the push of a button


Did you just read that correctly!?

Yes you did., you can literally have a psychedelic experience without drugs. And it’s all under your control.

This is not a substitute for psychedelics or a path to ingesting them. It’s better. This is a safe, controllable and precise auditory and visual journey that has similarities to psychedelics without the risk.

It starts with you choosing from a growing session catalogue of purpose made psychedelic light journeys that are synchronised to sound. Some are intense like a strong DMT trip., and some are more subtle like microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. Like your own catalogue of psychedelic light therapy sessions. Put on your headphones and lie down or relax in your favourite reclining chair. And take as much, or as little time as you need to become comfortable.

Once you’re ready, then push that start button. And as the lamp conveniently counts down to zero, close your eyes and relax quietly in anticipation and wonder of what’s to come.

Your journey begins. Softly at first to let you settle in. But with an increasing depth of immersion where you will find yourself progressively bathed in a beautiful world of colourful mandala’s, moving patterns and hallucinations. Keep in mind that this is just light and sound. And you can make adjustments and remain in total control of the experience throughout. When the lamp is stopped, so is your journey. It’s all at the touch of that button.


Your comprehensive guide to psychedelic experiences without drugs., and stroboscopic light


I’m constantly amazed and appreciative of the comments I get from people who try a roXiva psychedelic light session and come out of it with WOW written all over their face. The non-ordinary states on consciousness produced are profound. And leave people feeling re-booted and energised. People are literally getting high on light! During this comprehensive article I will answer to the four most common questions about drug free psychedelic trips.

  • Why would you want to have a drug free psychedelic trip?
  • What are drug free psychedelics, what is stroboscopic light, and what ways are there to get high without drugs?
  • How does stroboscopic light and sound create psychedelic experiences?
  • What if I combine this technology with other practices?

All of the information here only goes so far to explain the science and experience of this way of getting high without drugs. The proof is in the experience. And you really need to experience roXiva psychedelic light sessions to understand why the video testimonials below are quite common.

Psychedelic misunderstandings

There is still misunderstanding around psychedelics due to the prohibition of drugs late last century. And even now with the emergence of psychedelics as medicine for ‘unhealthy’ people, the misunderstandings continue. Much of the early experimentation with psychedelics were with experienced meditators wanting to expand their practice. The truth is that psychedelics aren’t just a drug, they are an experience. And experience leads to changes in belief and behaviour. Psychedelics are equally medicine for healthy people. People don’t have to be unhealthy to get therapeautic benefit from exploring expanded states. In fact there is a saying in psychedelic circles that‘altered states lead to altered traits’.


How can a psychedelic light experience cause the mind to grow


We all know that exercising the body can result in gains in size and strength as long the right environment and time is provided for recovery and growth. This is the idea of hormesis. And hormesis is the term for how controlled stress promotes adaption. The mind is the same and responds to exercise also. Without exercise, the body become inflexible and rigid. And the mind is the same. Brain optimisation is therefore one of the goals of drug free psychedelic light trips and brainwave entrainment. The mind is complex., but is also a clever self balancing system. Given the right environment and prompting, it can heal itself and grow. And one of the effects of psychedelics is to create a form of chaos in the mind that allows for change to occur. Like shaking a snow globe and letting the snow flakes then settle back into a new pattern. Psychedelic brainwave entrainment is a specific use of light and sound to mimic the effect of psychedelic drugs and exercise the mind. And with the right set and setting, and the correct use of integration techniques., this can lead to profound changes.


The magical effect of flickering light on our eyes

People are shocked when they discover that it is only pure white LED’s that are working through closed eyelids. Sometimes they don’t believe me because of how much colour they see. There are variables between what one person will see and what another will. And even things like how hydrated a person is has an effect. But there are also some of what is called ‘constant form factors’ that almost everyone experiences. So how and why does this happen? Why do we get visual patterns, colours and movement from flickering light and stroboscopic light machines (sometimes referred to as mind machines). How do psychedelic light trips work? Let’s find out.

And first, a very brief intro to the use of stroboscopic light as a way to hallucinations and psychedelic experiences. The history of stroboscopic light and hallucinations is an interesting story of some well known people from our past.

How did using stroboscopic light as a drug free psychedelic experience begin


Having psychedelic experiences without drugs has been a goal since the prohibition of drugs last century. And stroboscopic light and flicker induced hallucinations have fascinated science and consciousness explorers for many years. The result of this photic (light) driven stimulation is a type of hallucination called a constant form factor or form constant. And form constants are kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, patterns and colours that often move and shift form as the experience continues. The effect in the visual cortex is metaphorically like hearing two similar conversations at once and the misinterpretation that results. Fascinated by the effect in the 1950’s, a collaboration Between artists Brion Gysin and William S Burroughs and systems adviser Ian Sommerville resulted in a device called the dream machine. This was a variable speed turntable, cardboard cylinder with cut out shapes, and a light in the centre. By turning the cylinder at speeds equal to about 8 to 12 Hertz in frequency, flicker induced self-organised visual hallucinations were formed.


What is the history of stroboscopic light hallucinations


Walter Gisin, William Burroughs, and Ian Sommerville continued to champion the idea to many well know artists, poets, writers, and psychedelic researchers. At the time the use of altered states of consciousness for creative inspiration and psychological wellbeing was a big focus. And well-known psychedelic explorer Dr Timothy Leary and writer Aldous Huxley joined in revelling in the impressive wonder of flickering light hallucinations. You can read the book ‘The Chapel of Extreme Experience’ for more on that. And all this was with a simple device using little more than a turntable, cardboard, and a light bulb. Since then, fast response LED’s and microprocessors have taken the idea many steps forward.

On the introduction of light flicker experiments to Timothy Leary., he initially expressed hesitation that stroboscopic light could produce similar effects to hallucinogenic drugs. He expressed., “The stroboscope., it frightens me.” At the time he was heavily into experimenting with LSD. Eventually Leary changed his view and described the early device as ‘’The most sophisticated neuro-phenomenological device ever created”. During this experimentation, Leary gave some of the LSD pills to William Burroughs to try. Burroughs had a bad trip. And was immediately put off by hallucinogenic drugs. Ian sommerville even went so far as to contact beatle’s singer Paul McCartney. And the result was being put on the Beatle’s payrol and renting a studio flat owned by Ringo Starr. McCartney is reported to have been the main user of the device and praised it’s effects. 


How to get high on light – Drug free psychedelic trips with technology


Technology has come a long way since then. And stroboscopic light machines (or mind machines) like the Roxiva RX1 produce results that take these strobe light hallucinations to a whole new level. The technological advance of fast switching LED’s and microprocessors has allowed strobe light effects to be incorporated into small self-contained devices. And until recently, flicker hallucinations have primarily been used by neuroscientists in the lab for experimental purposes along with EEG equipment. But there is renewed growing interest in the psychedelic community to have a drug free psychedelic trip. Or indeed to enhance a drug induced psychedelic trip. And getting high on light is one of the most powerful ways of doing so. Although the practice of combining drugs with stroboscopic light is not recommended and has some dangers that need to be taken into account. Those people who do use psychedelic drugs, also realise that life must go on in between drug experiences. And so having a way to enjoy more frequent but less life intrusive psychedelic trips is a valuable asset.


Is a drug free psychedelic trip safe?


When you ingest a psychoactive drug, you’re in it for the long haul., good or bad. Which means that if you are unprepared or guided by inexperience, you could have a bad trip. And believe me, a bad drug trip can be one of the most fearful experiences you will EVER have. I had one. And it scared the s*** out of me. And thankfully it was a combination of roXiva drug free psychedelic light experiences and breathwork that helped me get over and integrate the anxiety that it caused. There are some risks with anything. Including psychedelic light trips. And it must be stated that using technology to enhance the use of ingesting a psychedelic drug can make the chance of a bad trip greater. Stroboscopic light can create powerful hallucination effects that can boost drug effects past what they would do by themselves. And so use extreme caution if mixing the two! Most psychedelic experiences without drugs are safe. But most are also weak alternatives to the real thing. The exception being photic stimulation with stroboscopic light., and occassionally some forms of breathwork.


How to avoid the risk of a bad psychedelic trip


Anxiety about new experiences stops many people from exploring altered states of consciousness. And the fear of a ‘bad trip’, stops many more. This is a real fear. And without the right set and setting, psychedelic experiences can be horrible as I discovered. You should never go into an unknown experience without a full understanding of the risk versus reward. And then minimise the risk. There are some simple steps to take to avoid the risk of a bad psychedelic trip. Experienced advice, a known dose of effect, and expert supervision are your keys to avoiding a bad trip. And having the ability to stop the experience immediately takes much of that fear and risk away. As does having the ability to choose your level of experience. And adding in a competent experienced sitter during psychedelic light sessions further removes that risk and anxiety. Drug free psychedelic light trips then become a real viable alternative to ingesting a drug. And the risk of a bad trip is non existent.


Can you have a bad trip during psychedelic experiences without drugs?


Used alone without drugs or alcohol, the chance of a negative experience with drug free psychedelics is rare. RoXiva psychedelic light sessions are under your control to stop or start at any time. As with anything, there are of course some contraindications or medical conditions to be aware of that would limit someone from using such technology. We have a thorough safety questionnaire and protocols that outline these potential cases. Negative responses are rare. In most cases, this is a safe alternative to psychedelic drugs.

Can the experience be too strong for some people? Yes it can. There can be real effects of ‘going over the edge’ that can surprise even experienced explorers of consciousness. But again, you can stop the experience instantly. We have owners of roXiva technology that can’t yet use some of the strongest sessions. And that is a good thing. Because that means if they choose to, that people can approach the edge of what they are comfortable with at their own speed.


What if you want a mild psychedelic experience or to just relax?


Not only can you start or stop your psychedelic light experience at the push of a button., but you get to choose the intensity. And of course there are many levels of psychedelic session to choose from. You don’t have to have a psychedelic experience at all if you don’t want to. Because there are plenty of other style sessions to choose from. Stroboscopic light has been successfully used in many area’s. And these include layed back and relaxing light and sound meditation journeys. Or you can choose a personal development goal like increased creativity, better sleep, stress and anxiety relief, pain relief, hypnotherapy, peak performance, and many more. RoXiva is more accurately described as a brainwave entrainment or audio visual entrainment device. And many users are more interested in light and sound meditation journeys than psychedelic one’s. This article is focused on psychedelic brainwave entrainment.

The only way to describe the experience accurately is to not describe it at all. You really have to experience it first hand to know why people are so impressed.


What are stroboscopic light & strobe light effect warnings


There are some warnings and cautions to be aware of with strobe light hallucinations. Often stroboscopic light effects are used in movies for special effects. And they can even occur as a natural result of shifting exposure to sunlight or high contrast patterning. In rare cases strobing or flickering light can cause vertigo or a photosensitive epilepsy seizure. Vertigo is a condition that results in unbalance, nausea, and disorientation. Typically flicker vertigo stops immediately after the flickering light stops. In very rare cases it can persist for a day or two. Photosensitive epilepsy is also rare and effects only about 3% of those with epilepsy. And the loss of conscious awareness, twitching and other results of a seizure can be scary to witness. But again, in most cases a full recovery is usually achieved with no lasting consequences. Care should be taken to consider possible risk factors when using stroboscopic light machines or purposely inducing strobe light hallucinations.

A group enjoying a roXiva drug free psychedelic light trip

roXiva users immersed in a psychedelic light session

How can I get high without drugs – other ways to have a drug free psychedelic trip


Before exploring light induced psychedelic trips in detail., lets look at some of the other common methods. Some methods spoken about online can be detrimental to your health long term. And so they are only suitable as an experiment and are not really sustainable as an alternative to psychedelic drugs. Getting high without drugs is only worth exploring if the effect is safer or more accessible than the drugs themselves. Most of these ways of experiencing a ‘high’, would not be considered having a psychedelic experience without drugs. Because they can’t get to the intensity needed for a real ‘trip’ experience. But none the less., they are ways of getting a natrual ‘high’. In reality, they are an altered state or trance state like that produced with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


How can breathwork create psychedelic experiences without drugs


Certain forms of breathwork can create a drug free psychedelic experience. And this is probably the closest you will get to the intensity of psychedelic light experiences. Although even this doesn’t compare and is not as consistently accessible. Practice’s like Holotropic breathwork use conscious connected breathing to alter levels of CO2 and O2 in the body while also changing brainwave activity. And the result of this can be a type of psychedelic breathwork with similarities to DMT.


Can sensory deprivation cause hallucinations


When we are isolated from any sensory stimulation, hallucinations often result. Because the brain is constantly seeking meaning. And when it cannot find anything to make meaning out of, the brain makes something up. The result is visions and sounds that seem to come from nowhere. Because they DO come from nowhere. Flotation tanks where you are isolted in a tank floating on water or air are an example. And anechoic chambers where light is excluded and walls covered in sound absorbing baffles are another.

Related to sensory deprivation is sensory overload. And an example of this are Ganzfeld effect hallucinations. This is where a constant source of light and/or sound can create the same environment of no change in stimulation. And a version of this effect is called Ganzflicker., more commonly referred to as stroboscopic light or photo-stimulation.


Can exercise produce a high


If you have ever played an intense sport or run a long distance you will know what a runners high is or being in the zone feels like. Exercise can get you into altered states of consciousness by releasing hormones like endorphins. Or as I call them., en-Dolphins, haha. Although this isn’t really psychedelic in nature, it is usually a safe way to change your state. One of the strange effects of exercise can happen when you drink water after intense exercise. Due to a loss of electrolytes in the blood, drinking pure water after intense activity can actually make you feel drunk! Overhydration can cause toxicity and actually be quite dangerous.


Getting into altered states with meditation

Meditation is one of the most common practices for altering states of consciousness. And there are changes that can occur over time in parts of the brain responsible for processing reward. Chemicals like Dopamine can be increased by meditation for example. And this same area of the brain is also activated by drug use. Leading to the suggestion that the same pathways and processes are being stimulated. Getting high on meditation may not be a goal for many people, but it does promote continued practice.

How does dance, music and ritual produce natural highs


Ecstatic dance, music and ritual practices like chanting, drumming and singing can all create altered states similar to a drug induced high. And doing so as part of a group can add to the effects. Free flow of movement and expression can release thought and tension resulting in a natural feeling of being high. And it’s even possible to go into a state of hallucinations. Music has long been used to alter peoples states. Music ‘raves’ and parties (often combining dance) synchronise brain rhythms and lead to states of euphoria. And all of this is often combined in ritual practices of dance, chanting and singing. One of the interesting effects of this type of group gathering, is the synchronisation of brain activity between the people present. An example of the resulting trance state being more than the sum of it’s parts.


How sleep deprivation or dehydration can cause hallucinating


Neither of these is a sustainable practice to pursue. But insomnia and a of a lack of sleep can cause people to see and hear things that aren’t there. And the same can happen with dehydration. The classic example being seeing a mirage in the desert caused by heat and dehydration. Certain mental conditions (and migraine) can also cause hallucinations. And these can become a vicious circle as sleep and anxiety also are negatively effected leading to even more hallucination experiences.


Hallucination effects of visual movement


One of the unique affects of stimulation of the eyes results in imagery after effects. Spinning coloured or patterned wheels and optical illusions can cause hallucination effects after you stop looking at them. Some virtual reality protocols seek to create this effect. A version of this happens when you look at high contrast pattern or a bright light and then close your eyes. What you then see is an after image of the pattern or light. And as the cells in your eye start to settle down again, this after effect can morph and change over time. There are plenty of examples of this effect on Youtube. And this effect is one of the ways science describes a drug free psychedelic light trip too. As you will see later.


Can extreme activities produce a natural high


“I feel the need., the need for speed”, is a classic movie quote for a reason. Racing, rollercoasters, rock climbing, skydiving, and other extreme activities produce high levels of excitory chemicals like dopamine in the body and brain. And is part of the reason people can be addicted to extreme sports. Done safely, this can be an exciting way to get high without drugs. Done to excess, it can lead to dopamine overload where more and more extreme activity is needed to get the same high.


Are there risks in getting high without drugs


This point just made about excess use of extreme activity and dopamine affects raises an important caution. ANY practice done to excess has the potential to become a problem. Because like with drug use, the body adapts to the stimulation and downregulates the effect. And this can lead to reliance on the practice to even feel normal! This is the beginning of an addictive personality. Multiple safe and reliable ways to change your state is always the best solution. And now lets get into one of the most profound ways of getting a natural high…

“The colours were so incredibly sumptuous., this was quite an unexpected rapture” – Arial

“And then the fractals gave way to this tunnel., with a man standing at the end” – Ian


“Wow, I loved it! You made that? I’ve never tried psychedelics before because they scare me a bit. But that was amazing. I’ve never seen such vivid colours and patterns. At first it was too intense but as you said., the more I relaxed into it, the more I enjoyed it. And I found myself floating off and drifting in and out of awareness. And I saw the eye. It was looking right at me with such a feeling of wisdom. It felt like I was getting a download of information. What an experience. Maybe one day I’ll try the stronger sessions eh, haha. Oh and btw, I had congestion in my head before I started and it’s gone. How did that happen?”

A friend after trying the roXiva psychedelic session ‘Eye of the pyramid’.

A summary of how roXiva works to create psychedelic trips


By taking advantage of your brains ability to follow and synchronise to flickering light and sound, deep trance states can be achieved very quickly. And the same principals apply to achieving hyper alert states where creative idea generation and flow occur. These unique states can be simple, or profound. They are a mix of a hypnagogia state between awake and asleep, altered neurochemistry similar to psychedelics, the Ganzfeld effect, and increased lucid awareness. Combined, one of the effects is a drug free psychedelic light experience.

By using specific brainwave frequencies in purposeful ways, the light (and sound) works through closed eyelids to stimulate first the visual cortex and then the whole brain. The interaction between on and off portions of light creates kaleidoscopic and hallucinogenic effects of colour, pattern, movement and self generated imagery. Your own personal psychedelic light experience. The result is a drug free psychedelic trip experience. And depending on the protcol used, this is similar to drugs like DMT, Ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine and Psilocybin (magic mushrooms).

The experiences can be profound, powerful, and incredibly meaningful to the individual having them.


Stroboscopic light machines and seeing visual patterns and colours

Stroboscopic light machines can produce some powerful visual psychedelic and kaleidoscopic effects. These effects have both a scientific explanation and an experience very close to an actual psychedelic drug. Colours, shapes and mandala patterns move and turn in your minds eye which brings with it an associated feeling that is often quite intense.

The easiest way to do this is with a strobing/flickering lamp or light machine with LED’s. LED’s have the ability to turn on and off very fast compared to traditional lighting. It is this fast on off frequency of light that primarily creates this strobe light effect.

What are the two types of stroboscopic light hallucination

There are two types of visual effect experienced by users of stroboscopic light machines. There are life like illusions and hallucinations of perhaps a person or object or movie like experience. And there are the more abstract psychedelic and geometric visual moving patterns and colours that draw you into a world unlike anything you may have experienced before. And often the more abstract DMT style patterns lead to more realistic hallucinations.

Many users of such sessions report it being just like an actual experience they have had on a recreational drug.

In some cases sound, electrical stimulation, pressure on the eyes, certain mental disorders and sensory deprivation can have this visual effect. These are usually more accurately attributed to memory based hallucinations.

Eidetic imagery versus Entoptic imagery effects

Eidetic imagery comes from memories of actual experiences. Perhaps a person or place from your past. While entoptic imagery is the result of geometric phosephene effects caused by excitation of cells in the eyes. And this is more abstact like a kaleidoscope effect. What the difference is between the two is described more fully below in the first explanation of three different science approaches to this psychedelic light effect. This mimics the effects of drugs like LSD, MDMA, DMT, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), mescaline, opium, ayahuasca,  ketamine, cannabis and other psychoactive drugs (classed as Entheogens). And the result is a type of psychedelic brainwave entrainment.

Why do I see colours and patterns in my mind with strobing light

The roXiva RX1 uses high powered LED’s synchronised with sound to take you on journeys of discovery or train your brain to desirable states of mind.

The practice is called Audio Visual Entrainment or brainwave entrainment. And is sometimes referred to as a stroboscopic light machine. Such technology takes advantage of our brains natural ability to synchronise to, and follow, external rhythm and frequency.

Drug free psychedelic light trips are not the only focus of roXiva. Although many of the sessions made for our clients give a visual experience along with the physical and mental feelings and states of mind.

Strobing light interference patterns

Flickering or strobing light at certain frequencies cause interference patterns in the way they stimulate or inhibit neurons and cells of the eye and visual cortex. This results in vivid, colourful and sometimes twisting and turning geometric repeating patterns like grids and webs and spirals etc.

And the real point of interest is that users of actual psychedelic drugs report not just similar visual experiences but also similar feelings to go along with it. This makes sense. The brain stores modes of memory in clusters that include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic/feeling components all linked together. So by stimulating one of those modes, often the rest will follow.

“Truly magical. I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my life. I was part of a journey and surrounded by beautiful colours and patterns synchronised to music and sounds. The session ‘Spaceship Dream’ is a work of art and left a smile on my face all night. Thank you so much”


Below are three different approaches to explaining this drug free psychedelic light trip effect. All three have differences and similarities and combine in my opinion into a pretty good idea of what is going on.

This is my attempt to humanise the science of stroboscopic light hallucination and drug free psychedelic light trips a little.

The reality though.., is that you really have to try it to get what the experience is like.

Neural stimulation produces brainwaves - roXiva

Explanation number one:

The nerdy but interesting science bit…

What causes a psychedelic light trip

The most common reported experience when having a psychedelic light trip is that of images and geometric patterns that move and change.

These geometric and kaleidoscopic patterns are referred to visually as Phosphenes. And this imagery is similar to psychoactive drug induced experiences. Strobing or flickering light used correctly can have powerful effects.

The general understanding of how these stroboscopic light patterns are formed in the visual part of the brain can be summed up in one sentence. They are the result of excitation and inhibition of neurons, combined with the interaction of the circular cells of the eye and the relatively straight ones in the visual cortex.

All this destabilisation, excitation and interference causes us to see something that is more than the sum of it’s parts.

What’s the difference between Entoptic and Eidetic hallucinations

These type of hallucinations that are formed between the eye and the brain are called Entoptic hallucinations. And they are mostly predictable in form from person to person.

This is in contrast to Eidetic hallucinations that come from imagery based on memories that are person specific.

Over the course of a psychedelic light experience, imagery will often start as Entoptic and progress to Eidetic or be a blend of the two. EEG measurements of psychedelic brainwaves show a corresponding change from the higher Beta and Gamma waves to the lower Theta and Delta hypnotic effect waves.

Some drugs like Ayahuasca have both elements in them. One part of the drug induces high brainwaves and one part is more of a hypnotic that produces lower brainwaves.

How does excitation of eye cells produces psychedelic effects

Retinal (eye) cells operate by way of being either excited or inhibited. And after excitation, the loss of stability and neural saturation generates a time lag of calming down again that can last up to about 15 seconds. This time lag is what interacts with new stimulations to give movement and an increasing complexity in geometric patterns.

Theses visual effects happen mainly in the Theta and Gamma range of frequencies. IE: They happen in the range of consciousness and memory. And any drug that interrupts that normal frequency band of consciousness will likely cause the same phosphene visual effects.

This article on Entoptic phenomenon, talks about the history of it’s study scientifically, and it’s use by ancient cultures. They considered seeing such imagery as a window into the in-between worlds.

Explanation number two:

More nerdy but interesting science stuff…

What causes the patterns in my eyes from flashing light

The visual cortex it seems, is active even without stimulation.

Drug interference, headaches, and strobing or flickering light can and do produce hallucination effects in a persons visual field even with the eyes closed.

This hypothesis is that these shapes and colours are produced by a reverse negative shadow effect. That is, the interaction of both the stimulated cells and the previously stimulated cells.

Have you ever looked at a bright light and then closed your eyes and seen a kind of reverse image of the same shape of the light? Almost as if it’s on the back of your eyelids. Now imagine that happening multiple times per second.

That, combined with a new actual image of a similar but slightly different stimulated pattern happens multiple times per second. And this creates the latices, honeycomb, spiral and circle effects with colour that are basically psychedelic hallucinations.

Do specialised eye cells cause stroboscopic light hallucinations

Cells within the eye are specific to how they react to photic stimulation. IE: One type of cell/neuron may only ‘fire’ in response to vertical lines while another may only fire in response to horizontal lines. And how these two dimensional lines combine creates three dimensional effects. Straight or curving images, mandala’s and kaleidoscopic effects occur that are comparable to drug induced psychedelic experiences.

So the patterns, colour, and hallucinations we see from stroboscopic and flickering light or pattern, are most likely the result of the interaction of image and anti-image.

Experiments like this produce surprisingly close results between participants. And these neural interactions show that this anatomical scientific explanation has at least some basis for explaining this effect.

Mandala pattern - roXiva

Explanation number three:

Still more science stuff… (I know right.., enough already)

More on stroboscopic light, psychedelic light trips and kaleidoscopes

How and why do we see hallucinations when we ingest a drug? Or in the case of light induced psychedelic hallucinations, simply by observing flickering or stroboscopic light?

Think of it this way.

How does an animal get it’s spots? Both answers have things in common.

In the case of spots on your pet dog, the genetic markers of pigment have two types of gene. Ones that involve activation and ones that involve suppression or inhibition.

One type will activate for example the colour black while suppressing white. Others will activate the colour white while suppressing black. So each has a dual role of activation and suppression.

And therefore each has more than one chance of ‘winning’ the colour role creating the opportunity for randomness. If there is a tip in balance for whatever reason from one to another you get a chemical reaction that quickly spreads. And this creates an area of activation surrounded by suppression. IE. you get a spot on your dogs fur.

Natures way of creating diversity and ensuring the survival of a species.

And it makes for some cute doggie looks.

Cells in the eyes, and in fact the brains influence on what we ‘see’ in our minds eye, play a similar role but with more permutations.

Why does flickering light cause cell activation and suppression and psychedelic effects

Some cells only activate in response to vertical lines, some to horizontal lines and some to 45 degree angle lines. Some to shade and some to light. And some do this by way of activating other cells and some by suppressing other cells.

These specialist ‘tuned’ cells then feed all this information to the visual cortex and brain to be decoded into a picture or pattern. Naturally, some of these activations and suppressions are achieved faster than others.

And as one cell is recovering from stimulation it may be re-stimulated again before it has finished. Or the information from it may be a fraction of a second slower or faster to reach the brain than another cells information.

In normal vision our brains have learnt to decode this into a predictable reality. When we add unpredictability to the equation, the strobing light gives a psychedelic light trip without the drugs. And geometric visual hallucinations are the result.

Light flicker hallucinations and a three dimensional world

We actually see a two dimensional flat world. This then gets translated into three dimensions and a cohesive picture depending on the balance of rapidly firing neurons and slowly firing or suppressed ones. And this happens primarily in lines only.

Stripes and hexagons show similar patterns to that of fluid dynamics, like when sound or vibration interferes with water. When we see circles and spirals in stroboscopic light hallucinations, they are actually the result of a series of lines at varying angles of orientation to each other. And that creates the illusion of smooth shape.

Drugs or any significant external chemical or physical stimulation including light flicker and stroboscopic light, effects these cells. And when you add thousands of these pieces of information together slightly offset but in a symmetrical way.., you get patterns in the visual field. These range from static black and white grid shapes, to moving geometric kaleidoscope’s of colour, spirals and even tunnel effects.

What are ganzflicker effect hallucinations


One more idea. As mentioned previously, there is an effect called the ganzfeld effect that creates hallucinations via a stable full field constant light or sound source. For light that would be unmoving static white light. And for sound that would be a type of white noise. The lack of any changing stimulation causes the brain to ‘make up’ sights or sounds to compensate. A subset of the ganzfeld effect is referred to as ganzflicker. And typically, this is very similar to the strobe light effect. Although the theories as to why it works have some other ideas. One of those is that the maximum effect is achieved when the flicker rate is close to the brainwave patterns present in the observer. And that the most likely cause is due to the interaction between different levels of neural processing. Low level sensory information like determining whether a line is straight or curved gets converted into high level cognition like the meaning of a facial expression. And the interpretation of these variables results in the hallucination experience.


How do you have drug free psychedelic trips with no side effects


Flickering/stroboscopic light (mainly through closed eyes) can produce psychedelic experiences similar to drugs like LSD, magic mushrooms and DMT. The difference is that you are in control of how long or how intense you want it to be. When you stop the strobing light, the effect stops. You will be left wanting more and leaving with a smile on your face. But there are no side effects of a drug free psychedelic light trip. The clue is in that it is drug free. 🙂 The altered states of consciousness produced are profound. And deep levels of meditation and trance can be achieved in minutes rather than taking years of training.

[Note: Closed eyes will usually produce a more impactful experience with strobing or flickering light. The eyelid itself becomes the dispersion point of light and envelopes the whole visual field. With the eyes open, the source of light is just one point in front of you]

Want to try it? Better still, do you want your own way to have a drug free psychedelic light trip on demand? Contact us for an opportunity to be immersed in a drug free psychedelic experience.

Can I use roXiva and stroboscopic light with other practices?


Many of our users combine the powerful effects of roXiva with other practices. Breathwork, meditation, hypnosis and hypnotherapy all benefit from roXiva use. And custom made roXiva sessions include all those practices. Many use it professionally to create a lifestyle business. Combining practices this way greatly enhances the effects and benefits. The beautiful thing about roXiva, is that you don’t need to know about, or do anything else. All you need to do is choose your session, hit play, and you will be guided into and out of the experience. It really couldn’t be easier to have a drug free psychedelic light experience.


Can drug free psychedelic trips be used as therapy?

None of the information in this article is intended to diagnose or advise on medical conditions. Nor are any claims made of a medical nature. However people do use alternative trance inducing practices successfully all the time as part of their personal and professional development. And in much the same way as people use psychedlics for personal developement. As for psychedelic light trips, assuming you can satisfy the questions on the safety form filled out before a session, then the answer is yes. And many users have experienced a type of psychedelic light therapy from the journeys they have enjoyed. Messages, visions, and reconnecting with suppressed parts of yourself can and do happen. And with correct application of psychedelic integration techniques, they can help you make significant shifts. Especially if you take set and setting into coinsideration, where complimentary practices and knowledge can make all the difference to success with ANY technique.

Stroboscopic science becomes psychedelic light magic

There is science behind this psychedelic light experience that people have with roXiva. And then there is the magic!!!

Sometimes you just have to experience something to know what I mean. With everything I have learnt about brainwave entrainment and audio visual entrainment., there is more often than not, something more than the sum of it’s parts that happens. Science tries to either explain or dismiss some of these experiences. But the experiencer knows what they know regardless. And experience is what counts, not words or promises.

Drug free Psychedelic light sessions are exciting and cool and mind blowing in a good way. But much like the real psychedelic drugs out there.., often I hear people remark that it was more than a cool ‘trip’.

Not saying it happens for everyone but it does happen.

Some people have had one session and it’s changed their lives.., literally.

I welcome you to contact your nearest roXiva partner or us directly to arrange a session for yourself.

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