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roXiva – An Alternative to Psychedelics

Accessing psychedelic states without drugs paves the way for both therapeutic and recreational uses. RoXiva offers drug-free psychedelic experiences with a simple button press, suitable for preparation, integration, or as an alternative to psychedelic substances.

Misconceptions about psychedelics persist due to past prohibitions. Even as they emerge as medical aids, misunderstandings remain. Historically, psychedelics were explored by meditators aiming to deepen their practice. They’re not just drugs, but experiences that can shift beliefs and behaviours. Psychedelics offer benefits not only to those seeking healing but also to those looking for personal growth. As the saying goes, ‘altered states lead to altered traits’.

Begin your roXiva journey by selecting from a range of light and sound sessions. Whether you desire an intense DMT-like experience, a Ketamine-focused body trip, or a mild psilocybin mushroom feel, there’s a session for you. Get comfortable in a recliner or lie down, and when ready, press start.

Your journey starts gently, immersing you deeper over time into a vibrant world of patterns and visuals. Remember, it’s just light and sound. You’re in control, and stopping the lamp ends the experience instantly.

RoXiva’s psychedelic lamp is the next step in this domain, continually evolving and leading the way.

roXiva psychedelic lamp

The most powerful psychedelic light machine available.

RoXiva audio visual brainwave entrainment, brain optimisation, and drug free psychedelic experiences take advantage of your brains ability to follow and synchronise to flickering light and sound, meaning deep trance states can be achieved very quickly. Alternatively, the same principals apply to achieving hyper alert states where creative idea generation and flow occur. These unique states can be simple, or profound. They are a mix of the hypnagogic state between awake and asleep, altered neurochemistry similar to psychedelics, the Ganzfeld effect, and increased lucid awareness. Combined, one of the effects is a psychedelic light experience.

The roXiva psychedelic lamp uses specific synchronised audio and visual brainwave frequencies in purposeful ways, working through closed eyelids to stimulate first the visual cortex, and then the whole brain. The interaction between on and off portions of pulsed light creates unique immersive effects, including kaleidoscopic and hallucinogenic effects of colour, pattern, movement and self generated imagery.

Is a drug free psychedelic experience safe?

Unlike consuming psychoactive substances, using roXiva puts you in complete control of your experience, allowing you to start or stop at any time. However, as with any technology, there are certain contraindications and medical conditions to consider. We prioritize safety and provide a comprehensive questionnaire to assess any potential limitations or concerns. Rest assured, negative responses are rare, and for the majority of individuals, roXiva offers a safe and effective alternative to psychedelic drugs. Your well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities. 

Psychedelic lamp from roXiva

RoXiva isn’t just a lamp. It’s a fusion of top-tier entrainment, cutting-edge brain optimization techniques, and unparalleled psychedelic visuals, delivering an awe-inspiring experience for users.

Imagine having instant access to transformative mind states. In today’s climate of fear, division, and unpredictability, the need to find an oasis of tranquility is essential for personal growth and consciousness expansion. With such a sanctuary, you can engage with the world from a renewed perspective. The RoXiva psychedelic lamp offers consistent sessions, guiding you to a place of balance and purpose amid the chaos.

NOTE: It’s important to be aware that having a positive psychedelic experience with roXiva, does not mean that you could have a positive experience with an ingested psychedelic drug. You do not have total control of your experience with ingested psychedelics as you do with roXiva.