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[ What is the law of attraction really || When does the law of attraction work || Stop asking energy to be different and start using the energy you have || The law of repulsion ]    

Our current education system and society seems to place more emphasis on WHAT to think and almost none on HOW to think. A mistake perhaps? Or cultural hypnosis?

I see so many claims of miracles that occur from the process of applying Law Of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting tools to peoples lives. And I have experienced some amazing things too. There is way too much hype placed on some idea’s for sure. But having spent many years in and around the idea of manifesting and psychology there are positive aspects to the LOA that apply to all progress in personal development.

What is the law of attraction really

The LOA is nothing more complicated than ‘like attracts like’, or ‘What you put out is what you get back’. And this is talked about in terms of vibrational energy. Everything is energy and all energy is vibration. That is just physics.

Teachers of the law of attraction equate that vibration as being primarily felt by us as emotion. The idea is that if you are feeling/vibrating at a level of positive emotion, then you will tend to attract things, people and experiences that ‘resonate’ with that same level of vibration. IE: You will attract positive things.

And even thinking about this logically.., if you are in an angry mood, you are more likely to have a day with things in it to be angry at. Whereas if you are in a happy mood, even your experience of that same day will be likely a happy one.

Have you in this example attracted more anger, or attracted more happy? Or were both options always there and you only got to experience one over the other due to your point of focus?

I think it’s both.

When does the law of attraction work

Lets get right to it shall we.

ALL the best idea’s, techniques and strategies only work when you do! That statement applies to ANY goal! That same sentence would clarify the statement that ‘the law of attraction doesn’t work’ also.

There is a subtlety to working with the law of attraction and manifesting that most people miss. The reason for this is that with the law of attraction we are working at the level of vibrational energy and not many of us are used to working at this level with any purpose or intention.

Work isn’t really the right word to use here because work for most of us implies an element of struggle and effort. And struggling to use the LOA will do more to stop you getting the results you are after than if you had never heard of the LOA.

The real issue here, and the most common reason people get frustrated about the LOA and give up on trying to manifest anything on purpose, is that the very question that is the title of this article reinforces a misunderstanding.

And by the way.., often when people do give up on the techniques designed to make the LOA ‘work’.., the very act of giving up unleashes a flow of almost miraculous results that they then put down to only luck.

Why does giving up often get better results than trying

Acting and techniquing (my word, lol) out of need and dissatisfaction will bring you more…, you guessed it.., need and dissatisfaction.

This is vibrational physics, not some woo woo tree hugging (no offence to tree huggers.., I love trees too) mystical secret guarded by some ancient order of sorcerers, as some popular movies and books would have you believe.

Don’t throw away your arsenal of techniques though.., I’m not saying they can’t or won’t work. It’s just a matter of looking at it from a different perspective which once understood, will make you a master of the LOA rather than it’s frustrated slave.

Thinking about goals is not enough

Isn’t this just so obvious?! But how often do people forget it.

Although we’re talking about a vibrational idea with the law of attraction, without the grounding of vibration in this physical plane by taking action, no miracles will know where to find you!

Did you hear that?

You cannot sit in your chair maditating (note the spelling, ha ha) and visualising a wonderful life and expect it to fall into your lap!

The great news though, is that when you are in vibrational alignment with what you want, action is inspired and completely normal to your everyday living. IE: Forced action is not what I’m talking about here.

Miracles will happen because you are happily bouncing along in life and being in the right place at the right time and making the right decisions. There will be no feeling of effort involved.

Attraction is fundamental and constant

So back to the question of does the Law Of Attraction work.

So why is the question part of the challenge itself?

Asking if the LOA works is like asking if oxygen works. Like oxygen, the LOA is ALWAYS working whether you are aware of it or not. Now of course if you hold yourself underwater you will start to crave oxygen because you can’t absorb enough under there. It’s still there though.., fish do breathe.

You are ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS getting a match in your experience to the vibration you are resonating at, and the resulting actions you take. And the LOA is always, I repeat ALWAYS providing opportunities and experiences that match your vibration!

That’s the not so secret REAL secret!

Stop asking energy to be different and start using the energy you have

What you have, experience, and are manifesting now.., is a result of your current practised vibrational state and ability and willingness to act on what is presented to you.

You don’t have to keep asking to get what you want.

From a spiritual combined with physics perspective.., your higher self (call it what you will) knows what you want and flows the energy of that toward you whether you notice it or not.

If you are not getting what you want, it’s not because it’s not there or you haven’t asked hard enough or long enough.., it’s because you are not letting it in!

You cannot receive what you are not a vibrational match to, or at least close to. Just the same as a TV tuned to channel one cannot in that moment show you channel two even though channel two exists and others are tuned to it. Nor can you expect being tuned to the right channel alone to be enough to manifest what is on the TV screen.

Like I said, this is just physics and cause and effect.

Struggle is unnecessary

The biggest reason people don’t get what they want is that at some level they don’t think they deserve it and therefore don’t think or act appropriately.

Struggling to get what you want is like trying to swim up a raging river.., usually because we falsely think that fighting our way through life is how to have control. The irony is that the more you let go of control, the more control you have. Stop fighting the current and the river will take you to the sea of opportunities.

(That should be a quote somewhere, haha)

So here’s a newsflash! The purpose of visualisation, is to put you in the vibrational state that will let what you want come to you either directly or through opportunities to act. The purpose is not to get the visuals exactly as you want them. If focusing on every detail of a visualisation gets you excited and helps you maintain that excitement then yeah go for it! If you can get that same feeling with a non specific visualisation or series of visualisations then do that.

Adding frustration to the mix because you can’t get a clear picture or the details just right will make the process damaging rather than productive.

Did you get that!?

This is just vibrational physics!

Stop beating yourself up for not getting a technique ‘just right’.

The law of repulsion

There isn’t just a Law Of Attraction. There is a Law Of Repulsion as well!

If the LOA states that ‘what you put out, is what you get back’.., then the Law Of Repulsion if there was an actual definition might state that… ‘what you keep in, you cannot move on from.’

Things that are not part of your ideal future are trying to get away from you. If you are still experiencing things that you would rather not.., it’s because you are not letting them go!

This goes way beyond the law of attraction or manifesting your dreams. This is about fulfilment and happiness. The LOA does work.., but only in your favour if you understand the idea of guiding yourself using how you feel as your compass. Like a ship.., you will veer off course often. The key is to notice this without judgement and make a course correction.

Just do it.., the secret of good decisions

The biggest takeaway here may be that you have to go easy on yourself with this knowledge. Only do what’s fun or exciting for you when it comes to consciously and purposely deciding to manifest and use the law of attraction on purpose.

If you feel excited about a teacher, product or activity then chances are that very excitement is your sign that you are on the right track moving forward.

I’ve said for many years that if you make a decision when you’re feeling good, then chances are it’ll be a good decision. And if you make a decision when you’re feeling bad, then chances are it might be a bad decision. Kind of makes sense right!?

One caveat though.., even if you are not in the best state to decide, taking some form of action is always a better decision than no action at all.

Start now…

I’ll bet there is something that you know of already or will notice over the next few days that excites you even just a little bit.

DO IT! Just take action on it and if you discover on taking action that you now know more and it’s not for you, then you’ve won because you now know.

Remember.., vibration, emotion and thought are grounded through action. Until then, they are just potential.

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