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Interesting article here that proposes that all physical and non physical effects of change and life are in a constant sine wave type of movement.

From our heartbeat and other body processes to ocean tides and the rise and fall of civilisations.

And of course the earth itself constantly pulsates as the Schumann resonance (the main frequency of which is 7.83Hz).

Some would say that it’s no mistake that a calm state of mind often in Theta (4-8Hz aprox), coincides with the pulse of the earth.

How strong is this link though?

Are we the cause of changes in the Schumann resonance?

Temporary changes in the frequency are common. Permanent ones are less conclusive.

There seems to be a reduction in the state of calm and mental health worldwide though.

And some believe that the brainwaves emanating from an increasing human population are responsible for altering the Schumann resonance itself.

So what is affecting what?

The truth is likely in between both possibilities.

Interesting idea.

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