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Recent studies using mice and specific learning tasks have shown that when certain brain wave frequencies fall out of sync and lack coordination, the result is an inability to unlearn one behaviour and try new ones despite evidence that the current behaviour no longer works.

The inability to update our model of the world around us can lead to not just difficulty in day to day living but also to types of psychosis like schizophrenia. Holding on to beliefs and ways of operating lead in some cases to progressively more and more anxiety and confusion, or in other cases a rationalisation of reality to fit with current behaviour rather than adjust behaviour.

In this new study, this inability to let go of an existing rule and look at previously irrelevant ones has been shown to correlate with a desynchronising of Gamma brainwaves (above 30Hz aprox).

By manipulating one hemisphere/side of the brain to fall out of sync with the other side.., researchers were able to remove the ability to unlearn and try new behaviours.

Mice were taught to learn a specific pattern of behaviour to get a reward. Then the rules were changed so that the current learned behaviour no longer worked. Mice allowed to adopt without intervention showed this Gamma synchronisation and tried new behaviours until they again got a reward.

However, the mice that had this synchronisation artificially stopped made many more errors and took at least twice as long to stop trying the same behaviour and try new ones.

Previous research has also shown the link between Gamma synchronisation and cognitive disorders like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s leading to further study and potential for treatments for these disorders.

Why does this matter to users of brainwave entrainment and audio visual entrainment?

One of the results of this type of non invasive stimulation is in fact inter-hemispheric synchronisation. IE: Synchronisation and co-ordination between both sides of the brain including these Gamma frequencies.

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