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Forgive me for having a bit of a negative rant here…

I don’t usually share anything science related that I disagree with but this one I will because it’s setting up a focus in the wrong direction in my opinion.

I see a lot of these types of studies where research (usually sponsored by the makers of the technology when you dig deep enough) seeks to prove that technology can be a replacement for nature and humanity. Tech can for sure provide a platform for healing, growth and exploration when used correctly and can enhance the effects of nature and ‘humanness’.

This research however, suggests that people using virtual reality can get the same benefits in a VIRTUAL walk in the park as a REAL walk in the park.

I won’t go into the details of the study but let me just say this…

There is so much wrong with this idea. There is significantly more evidence and research showing the benefits of-

Sunlight exposure

Fresh air


Contact with soil and trees and the boosts in the immunity system

Contact with other people

Distancing yourself from EMF waves from technology

Variation in focusing distance for the eyes

Etc etc


ALL of the above are present with a walk in the park.

NONE of them are present in wearing a virtual reality headset.

There is no replacement for nature.

Technology can approximate nature and even enhance it.., but never replace it.


In fact try this experiment:

I often get asked “what can I take to enhance my roXiva experience even further?”

Here’s my answer.

Try this…

Go for a walk on a sunny day and when you get back from the walk, do your favourite RX1 session (Esp a visual one) and notice what the experience is like.

I think most of you will find it to be more powerful.

Alternatively do the opposite; do your favourite RX1 session and then go for a walk in nature. Notice how much more aware and beautiful the experience becomes.

That’s how you combine tech with nature. Not as a replacement but as an enhancement.

Happy travels.



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