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GUIDED BREATHWORK: A guided breathwork session to leave you fully charged ready for anything.

Available in Medium and Strong versions. 

Warning: This is NOT for beginners!

Embark on a guided breathwork session (with instructions in both English and French) using drumming as a backdrop and either subtle or strong visual psychedelic imagery at key points that combined with a specific breathing style will take you on a journey like nothing you have had before. Combining light, sound and breath.., with me breathing with you the whole way.., come out of this session buzzing with an electric vibrancy in your body and mind that will have you wanting to do this every day. Full description with session.

Breathe with me - a roXiva session

“I’m a breathwork instructor. This was a pleasant surprise. Combining breathing with light and sound gives me a whole new level of experience. I loved it the first time I tried it and I’m still using it whenever I get the chance. I love the multi lingual aspect to it as well.”

Alison – Breathwork teacher